Nov 2, 2007

Spice Girls Get Back In Shape, Looking Hot

The Spice Girls are back! Sorta... At least they have a come back tour. But nine years later (oh my gosh it's almost been a decade since they came out! I feel very old), seven babies and a whole new style of pop music how will these ladies make the cut?

People Magazine to the rescue to tell you how they got back in Shape for the tour of their lives.

Posh - We all know she doesn't eat. That's a fact, she admits it. She nibbles on things like edamame. Period. However, People reports that since moving to LA she has taken up Pilates! How trendy of her. Will she be taking up Scientology next? Lets hope to god NO!

Sporty - Known probably as the "not-so cute spice," (Or at least none of my friends wanted to be her the year we dressed up for Halloween, sorry Emily) Mel C. enjoys running. She works out with a trainer three days a week, and alternates sprints and long distance runs. This is my type of girl! I guess this is why she's called Sporty? I always just thought it was because she might be a lesbian, but who knows.

Scary - The Spice most well known for her baby's daddy drama, is currently on Dancing with the Stars. Having just given birth in April, what a fabulous workout/ weight loss plan for this Spice. Pseudo celebs such as Stacy Kiebler and that woman... what's her name, from Melrose Place, ugh, it's killing me, whatever, you know who, she's kind of old, well both of them turned their good bodies into SICK bodies with the help of this show. Good choice woman!

Ginger - The vixen of the bunch had a baby just 18 months ago and already she is back in shape. How'd she do it? Squats with an 18-lb. kettlebell to her chest, according to People magazine. I think she did alot more than that, but then again, this is People Magazine, people... Oh yeah, there's also a photo of her running, but the squats got rid of her baby pouch, right?

Baby - This Spice gave birth in August and when straight back to rehearsals for the tour! She looks like she's back to her pre-pregnancy body, but she didn't tell people magazine her secrets. She only suggested that the rehearsals for the tour would get back her body. "This dancing is going to put me in shape, right?"

Already, they all have killer bodies. All but Posh look strong and healthy too! Can't wait for the tour. I really want tickets! I think I was the only person in America to see their Movie "Spice World" on opening day. I also own all of their CD's, Ginger for Halloween, and yeah... I used to be a pretty big fan.

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