Nov 27, 2007

Lily Allen Defends Weight Loss

Lilly Allen was once known for her antics, and honest blogging on MySpace. She poured out her heart in one entry saying she was depressed and would never be a size zero. She criticised the other Hollywood starlets for their skinny frames. Recently Allen has been spotted looking much leaner. Hypocrit many blogger asked? Yes and No. Sure she slammed the majority of Hollywood for caving into the thin-pressures, but I think we owe it to the formerly-troubled brittish sensation to cut her some slack.

She was thrust into fame here in America, very quickly might I add. Now, she is defending her weight loss and saying it's for health reasons. Which is why people should lose weight. She reportedly lost 19 pounds in just six weeks, going from a size 12 to a reasonable size 8.

Allen told Grazia magazine:

“I found out I had a heart murmur about three months ago. I had switched doctors and just went for a routine check up, which is when they discovered I had this irregular murmur.

I have been asthmatic all my life, but this was really quite scary. When they asked me how much exercise I did, I had to be honest and say hardly any.

I make sure I work out three times a week now, and I don’t hold back. It’s a hardcore routine and I’m usually in the gym for at least an hour-and-a-half.

I used to love nothing more than sitting in front of the telly with two packets of Ginger Nuts and two bags of milk bottle sweets - and I’d devour the lot. But this heart thing has made me cut back on all that kind of crap. I now find that, because I am looking after myself, I don’t feel like eating the bad stuff so much.

I really want to stress that I haven’t done this because I want to become some skinny minnie - I will never be like that. I just like being more toned, it has made me really happy and I know I will never be super skinny because I would never be happy.

I was going pretty crazy back in the summer, drinking way too much and partying loads. But now I don’t want to drink so much, I’ve been cutting back. I should also give up smoking, but haven’t quite managed that yet.”

SIDE NOTE: Many different blogs covered her weight loss in early October when Lily told reporters that she lost the weight through hypnosis. Is she lying about becoming a fitness freak or did the hypnosis make her into one? She is also rarely seen without a cigarette in mouth.

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