Nov 30, 2007

Celebrity and Diet Headlines for the last week in Novmeber 2007

This week in Celebrity related diet and health gossip:

-Jolly Ole St Nick is getting reprimanded by The Top Doc in the US saying that he is too fat and a bad example for children. Because all children look up to a creepy fat man who sneaks into their houses through a chimney late at night and whose only social encounters are with his wife, reindeer and elves.

-Apparently, you may be gaining weight due to your desk job. The latest workout recommendation is to... in the words of Eminem, "Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up."

-Is Britney Spears Preggers?

-People Magazine enlightened us this week with a TELL-ALL or "Can Hardly Tell" article on how everybody's favorite country stars recently lost weight. Find out how Carrie Underwood finally lost that baby fat or as the diva thinks, college flab.

-Lilly Allen defends her weight loss despite her criticism of super-skinny celebs, claiming a heart murmur. Find out what she had to say and what diet diva had to add.

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