Sep 27, 2007

Sep 25, 2007

Biggest Loser Live Blog 9/25

Ok so I'm going to watch the biggest loser tonight and blog as it happens... Between the 3 teams they have already lost a ridiculous amount of weight like 350 lbs!

8:10 PM The host tells the losers they have to go into a room filled with temptation, aka, fatty slash totally delicious foods they haven't been able to touch untill now for four minutes. What's the catch? Whoever eats the most calories wins a 3 pound weight loss pass at the next weigh in (they get to subtract 3 pounds from their total loss next time they get weighed.)
THIS IS EVIL! This is so mean, but I guess then again, this is why it's a show on TV.
Hot wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, pepperoni pizza.... yummm.
Bryan is the first to enter and he denies the temptations.
"Oh my god, that smells so good," are the first words of Kae... hahahaha. She smells it, and then pretends to grab it all and eat but she resists.
The next guy takes a bite of pepperoni pizza and does a small job.
oooh french fries...The football guy said no. Oh man, brownies, cookies, cinnamon...

Julie who has only lost 5 lbs went straight for the pepperoni pizza, smelled it, "yumm." Then she saw cupcakes and thought... hmmmm, come on Julie don't do it.... She tastes the frosting, well puts it on her face so the others though she ate it. Sneaaaaky!

WOAH! then this other guy, Neil, goes in, and decides to eat as much he can. He thinks he needs the 3 lbs for his team. Holy cow, he just drank M&M's... he ate 1700 calories he thinks... WHAT!?

Oh god, this is mean... this other chick, Patty, on his team thinks he didn't eat it so she decides to take one for the team and starts eating the highest calories foods she sees... She has apple pie... she does a small dance... eats a cereal bar, make that two. God that was alot of food but not as much as Neil. That was so mean.

And the biggest eater was.... COMMERCIAL :( of course. Ok, TIME OUT! What the heck kind of sabotage was Neil trying to pull??? He burt his team but miscommunicating with the other lady. I would've gone straight for the cinnamon bun, had maybe half, and then left. My reasoning, satisfy my never ending sweet tooth, and in case no one else touched the food. I learned this strategy from BIG BROTHER of course.

Patty and Neil are the top two contestants in this photo. It's from last week, but you can recognize them.

1930 Calories, Patty won! Apparently the blue team is mad because Patty should've known only Neil was to eat anything!

The red team is happy they did not cave into temptation. But the blue team is screaming in the other wing. Uh oh... they are all very very mad at Patty. She begins to cry, and apologizes obviously.

Now it's time to workout. We've got some elipticals going and now they are doing piggy back springts, which looks like a killer on the back. Oh no... Man down. Gerry is riding on top of Ryan (?) and takes a pretty big digger. He is hurt. This is too bad because he has lost the most weight and is the oldest.

So now, it's 9 pm, and I kinda want to watch Reaper... I'll tivo the rest and watch it after.

So the blue team lost at the weigh in. However Patty lost the most (5 lbs) so she has immunity from being voted off. Had she not, she probably would've been voted off. Interesting that she ate almost 2000 calories in 4 minutes and still lost the most weight... Jillian's team won which is pretty awesome since the Red and Blue team chose to send them all home.

It was an emotional vote off. Gerry was sent home after many tears were shed. YES, this was too bad since he had lost the most amount of weight out of everyone however, since he lost so much weight, he had less to loose and was most likely not going to continue dropping ten plus pounds each weighin. He was also the oldest player, and proved that age should not be a deterrent for people who wish to lose weight but think they have lost the window of opportunity with a ever slowing down metabolism. I think it was wise on the behalf of the blue team at the time. We will find out if they made a good choice.
By the way, since being voted off Jerry has lost 80-some pounds! He looks great. And were those his children or grandchildren!? What did you guys think? Who would you have voted off? Who would you want to have as your coach? What would you have done in the temptation room? I don't know which coach I would want, I guess Jillian because her methods seem to be working well, but I think I would punch her the face before the end of the competition and get sent home.

Sep 24, 2007

The Rules of Being a Celebrity Giving A Diet and Exercise Interview

We all want to know the secret to staying slim or how to get there at least right? Thankfully we have gossip magazines to "give us" the "inside scoop" on how our favorite celebrities keep their figures looking fabulous, right?

As you all know, I am VERY skeptical about what these magazines report. A more reliable source in my opinion is a blog, straight from the table sitting next to them at a restaurant. For today, I'm going to give you the rules of giving an interview when being questioned about your weight so you too can look like a fabulous celebrity.

Rule #1: You never diet unless you are being paid by the company that has created a diet. This rule is a must thanks to Kirstie Alley (Jenny Craig), Tori Spelling (Nutrisystem), and Jessica Simpson (5 Factor Diet). Maybe they did, maybe they didn't follow the diet plan to lose the pounds, but they lost weight and there is money, I mean credit to be given.

Rule #2: You love food! There are not many foods you won't touch. When you go out to eat, you order whatever you are craving, but you have excellent self control and eat until you are satisfied. Sarah Michelle Gellar says, "I'm not much of a junk food eater. I like pretzels but I'd rather steak. I'd rather have a great meal. I'd rather dine.... I'll pretty much eat anything." Gellar dishes on her eating habits and exercise routine in this months Self Magazine. Did you know she was ranks the 3rd-best figure skater in New York as a child? Interesting...

Rule #3: You don't work out to kill lose weight, but to improve your health and stay active. Jessica Alba recently said that she hadn't worked out in months. Ummm yeah, I'm sure that's true... (By the way Alba was recently spotted smoking a cigarette on the set of her new movie... could this be for weight loss reason???) You enjoy doing things you love like playing tennis, going for a hike in the mountains and surfing. Lauren Conrad (The Hills) reportedly goes for hikes in the Hollywood Hills like 2 times a week. How come MTV doesn't show us that footage? I would love to see this fancy pants hiking in the great outdoors... That would be better than listening to her bitch about ex-bff Heidi "The Terrible."

Rule #4: Say it with me, "I'm not meant to be a size zero." No matter what size your body is, that is how god wants you to look. You don't mess with nature. Nicole Ritchie claims that she is naturally a really person. America Ferrera has repeatedly said she loves her curves and she is always going to have them, that's who she is, she's a Latina. Mariah Carey has said the same thing more recently.

I think these are my top rules... I will have more later this week. Do you guys believe the magazines that tell you what celebrities do to stay thin? Do you think my rules are accurate? Please add you own if you have any!

Sep 21, 2007

Do you think Ashanti looks fat?

"Do I look fat?" Singer Ashanti, 26, asked People Magazine's BodyWatch (the new section of the magazine that is a little ridiculous, but is a savior for my Friday blog!) In August the New York Post published an item that said the singer refused to be photographed during a weekend opeing of the Ivy Hotel in San Diego because she had gained so much weight.

Not true says the singer. Ashanti claims that she was relaxing in a blue bikini while on vacation without any make up on. A hotel worker told her there were some photographers that wanted to take her picture. She responded maybe later because she was "chilling" at the time. "I don't know if they got offended, but they turned it into something else. I mean, do I look fat? If I felt fat, why would I be in a bikini?" she said.

Ashanti admits to gaining weight when she is not working. She likes to dine on bbq chicken and Baskin-Robbins ice cream. When it comes time to work again, she claims she gets focused and jump in the gym for a month and she's solid.

She dodges the question on whether or she feels pressure to slim down for video shoots. Instead, she says "Television puts 10 lbs. on you. So weight your options: Look good in person? Or to the billions who see you on TV?"
I say, you should be a politician Ashanti. She dodges the question, but it kinda sorta seems like she answers it. She puts the blame on herself for dieting. Clearly she enjoys food, she already said that. When she has to lose weight, it's for her job, while most people want to lose weight for themselves. Grrrr inner conflict!

She diets by avoiding fried foods and ice cream. She claims to lose and gain weight easily. She also admitted to the ridiculous Master Cleanser diet (You know, the one Beyonce did for Dream Girls... lemon pepper maple syrup diet yucka ewwww). She said she lost 8 lbs and kept it off. I'm sure that will last, not.

I think Ashanti hates dieting, and hates the fact that she can't eat what she wants. She acts like it has nothing to do with Hollywood's pressure, but I think the Hollywood thin factor is killing her inside. What do you guys think? Am I totally way off>

Sep 19, 2007

Very Thin Models Still Not Banned, Dr's note will do fine

It was about this time last year that the great model weight debate took it up a notch when Maddrid banned models from the runway whose BMI index was below 18. It is currently fashion week in London and already the weighty issue is popping up again.

-Outside a major venue for the models are being given a brown bag lunch, and you thought they just got free makeup and designer clothes. They contain a range of food including salads, fruit and flapjacks. All the food is labeled with detailed nutrition information. The lunches were designed by a group of dietitians in an effort to help designers tackle the culture of eating disorders by providing "good quality" food and nutritional advice for models backstage. [Daily Mail]

-A woman named Naomi Hooke has informed us that we should not be blaming the modeling industry for pressure to be thing but men and sex. "As London Fashion Week continues," she writes, "the controversy surrounding 'size zero' models is once again up for discussion." Hooke, who claims to have battled anorexia since age 11, says, "to believe that the fashion industry causes eating disorders is to completely misunderstand this most complex of illnesses."
Anorexia has often been perceived as a quest for model-like beauty, as a teenage fad or as a diet gone wrong. It has even been described as a lifestyle choice. Seldom is anorexia acknowledged as the life-threatening medical condition that it is... I, like many of the eating disorder patients I have met, never sought beauty; instead, I spent years trying to make myself look as ill as possible in order to avoid male attention.
Understanding Anorexia: A Thin Excuse

-London will not be banning models based on their BMI index this year, but want a note from their doctor saying they are in good health. Are these the same doctors prescribing celebrities ADHD medication and pain killers? I'm pretty sure they'll do anything to have a client who is remotely famous. The British Fashion Council recommended that models "should" provide a certificate that assures their health and that models under the age of 16 years old should be outlawed on the catwalk. This among 14 other reccomendations came at the conclusion that models are at a high risk for developing eating disorders. [No Thin Model Ban]

-Here is the article from almost a year ago when Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier made his own statement by putting a size 20 model on the runway.
-The New York City Fashion Week in February banned drinking and cigarettes behind stage. One model told a reporter the backstage smelled of vomit. Delicious. The only way from here is up for the model weight issue in my opinion.

Sep 17, 2007 Featured Weight Loss Challenger II: Week 5

Watch's featured Weight Loss Challenger, Tonya lose weight. This series documents her journey as she struggles to eat healthy and exercise in order to lose 50 pounds. This week Tonya suffers from a minor set back.

Emmy Fashion Recap: Love it or Hate it

Who watched the Emmy's last night? I will admit, I had no intention of watching them. Here in Boston, we had the sox vs yankees game at 8 pm, and the Patriots vs Chargers at 8:15 pm! Thanks ESPN and NBC! Anyway, I do enjoy reading the gossip blogs, and that is what I did this morning. I don't really care about who won, but I do care about what everyone wore.

Straight up, I love Kristen Bell. I love Ali Larter. I also loved Olivia Wilde's dress. But there is no fun is talking about how much you loved a dress is there? It's not like I can afford to go out an buy one, let alone have anywhere to wear it, right? It's more fun to talk about how unflattering or ugly a thousands of dollars dress looked.

First up is America Ferrera. Usually a favorite of mine at awards shows, but her blue strapless get-up, just didn't do it for me. I thought she looked short and lost alot of her signature curves that could have been better played up. Instead of a feminine hour glass, it was more of a boyish rectangle.

What do you guys think?

Also, it seems that whenever a journalist interviews Ferrera, they ask her the same 2 questions. What is it like to be a latin actress living in Hollywood, and how do you feel being labeled as the poster child for full figured actresses?
Here is a blurb from the article on Netscape Celebrity:

>>Ferrara replied very gracefully when a reporter asked if being bilingual was an added advantage to being an actress. "I was born and raised in the [San Fernando] Valley, so I'm as bilingual as you probably," she said. "I have few words I can say in Spanish, but that's about it. I'm sure there are benefits (to being bilingual) but I don't reap them."

When asked about being a positive role model because she's not the stereotypical anorexic Hollywood starlet, Ferrerra said, "I hope, at some point, the positive role modeling goes beyond just the outer. There's so much concentration on the physical component. I hope it goes deeper to positive action and positive image that people spend their time paying attention to, and what they're focused on.

"There are a lot of young people in this country who have a lot to offer and need to be challenged. There are a lot of distractions and these younger generations aren't being challenged to change the world. They're told its okay to sit on the sidelines and watch, and that's not okay. They have to become empowered to start acting and doing things. I'd like to see more positive role models who are doing stuff." <<

Seriously, leave this girl alone. Ask her what it's like to achieve her childhood dream? Ask her how she climbed to the top? Ask her when Betty is going to get her braces off, because we all know they can't stay on forever. Honestly though, when you see a group of girls out on the weekend, and one happens to be overweight, and the others are not. Do you go up to her and ask her what it's like being heavier than the rest of her friends? Ummm no! So why do reporters put these celebrities on the spot like this?!

I also was disappointed in Jaime Pressly's choice of clothing. She just had a baby is already back in incredible shape but chose to wear a smock thang that totally did nothing to show it off. Here is another part of the article from behind the scenes:

>>The "My Name is Earl" actress, who gave birth to her and fiancée DJ Eric Calvo's baby May 11, said, "I busted my butt to get back in shape from the time my son was 10 days old. I worked out two hours a day, five days a week with my trainer -- resistance and core training, a lot of core training -- and the diet, of course. I went on the seven-day cabbage soup diet twice." However..."When I went in for a meeting with the creator, he said, 'Oh, you've got more time. You're going to be pregnant for the first 10 episodes.'"

But, her rigorous workouts and dieting paid off in her gorgeous red carpet look. she's been wearing pregnancy prosthetics at work, which makes her feel like she's getting hot flashes. "It's a littled like menopause, wearing a fat suit all day."<<

Vanessa Williams looked like a bird. Ellen Pompeo's hair was a disaster. But her hair always looks terrible in my opinion. Funny gal Tina Fey looked ok but cracked me up when she said that she would be celebrating her win by "overeating." I also hated Hayden Panerabread (I read that nickname on and kind of like it, I can't pronounce her real last name so what difference does it make?)

Who did you guys think looked fabulous or hideous? I didn't watch the show, so I probably missed many pretty gowns/disasters.

Sep 12, 2007

The Biggest Loser 4 Premiere: What did u think?

Last night was the premiere of the fourth season of The Biggest Loser. What did you guys think? Will you watch?

First, I was little disappointed that they told us in the beginning that Jillian would be returning. However, obviously I forgot and thought it was so mean to make the last six go home before the competition even really began. But then of course in rides Jillian on her crotch rocket, and saves the day. Seriously, I still feel bad for the Black Team. I think they may win but, at the price of having a drill sergeant as their trainer/coach.

Allison Sweeney is the new host. You may know her from "Days of our Lives," and is known (apparently) for having a fluctuating weight since age 16. I'm guessing NBC gave Caroline Rhea the old heave-ho after receiving negative feedback from viewers by having a host who is heavier than the contestants by the season finale. Anyone know the real deal? This is just my gossip guess.

The biggest shocker of the episode came from the series oldest contestant to date. Sixty-two year old Jerry lost a total of 31 lbs in one week, a record for one week in the show's history. I find this hard to believe that someone could actually accomplish something of this stature, but I guess they are literally active ALL days and eating much less than they are used to. This means he burned 105,000 calories in one week! If some of it was water weight, that is still amazing. Katrina,'s fitness expert, helped me calculate that this means, that if he created a deficit of 625 calories every hour, for 24 hours a days, 7 days that week. The combination of diet/cardio/strength training and games is what makes the biggest loser a success. It will be interesting to see how much of the weight Jerry lost is kept off at the next weigh in next tuesday, if not how much more will he lose.

Who is your favorite contestant? Who do you think will win? Katrina's favorite contestant is the football player, Phil. She thinks he is going to be hot by the end of the season. Haha, she might kill me for writing this. I don't have a favorite yet. Jillian gives me anxiety just thinking about having to train with her... but my favorite Big Brother 8 contestant looks like she is going to win... GO DANIELLE! Happy Hump Day everyone :)

Sep 11, 2007

Molly Simms Calls Models Too Thin

Gotta love celebrities who don't censor! Alice+Olivia designer Stacey Bendet flew Molly Sims to New York City walk in her show today. Simms told New York magazine that the models at Alice+Olivia are underfed, in response to the magazine's statement that high-end shows have well-fed girls and low-end shows do not. Does this mean in order to get your start in the big leagues you have to extremely skinny, and then once you make it you are allowed to gain a few pounds because you have a little bit of star power/authority/demand? I think it might...

Here is the article from The New York Post:

September 11, 2007 -- ALICE+OLIVIA designer Stacey Bendet, who is showing her collection today at her West 40th Street store, is a mite miffed at model Molly Simms. Responding to - which noted, "The lower-end shows have the thinnest girls . . . The better-paid ones look more well fed" - Simms replied: "Yeah . . . I see the same thing, too. Like the alice+olivia show last year, two girls should not have been walking." Bendet, who flew Simms in for her February show and gave her free clothes, fumed to us, "Before Molly calls us 'lower end,' maybe she should stop begging for free pants and a plane ticket." Molly will now have to mooch elsewhere. -NY Post

Sep 10, 2007

Britney Spears Attempts Comeback and Fails

It's a rough day if your name is Britney Spears today... Last night, she just might have ended her comeback before it even began by performing at the MTV video music awards. I honestly do not even know if I would call it a performance at all.

case you missed it, you will be hearing plenty about it. She came out wearing sparkling black booty shorts, black fishnets with boots that came up to her knees, and a bra. Not exactly a flattering choice even though her body did not look that bad. Compared to the body she once flaunted on the stage of the VMA's, it was not even close to comparison. I give her credit for losing most of the baby weight and getting up there but someone please help this girl out.

It was such a trainwreck. You didn't want to watch but you couldn't take your eyes off the tv screen. It was like looking into the eyes of a ghost. She looked scared, and lacked any bit of self confidence. It seemed as though she didn't know the next move, and she was constantly thinking about what she was going to be doing next that nothing was punched out. Dance talk here, sorry. There was no "oomph", there was no energy, there NO singing or effort to lip synch. Bad Bad Bad career Choice Ms Brit. Stop right now, move to somewhere remote and get your life back on track, if not for yourself, for your kids. Thank you, that is all. I'll have a fashion recap later for ya'll.

Who do you think looked fabulous? Who looked like they need to hit the gym, and who do you think had the best makeover?

Sep 5, 2007

Skinny Genes Discovered, Glamour Calls America Ferrera Fat

Glamour pulls a Maria Menounos making America Ferrera seem inadequate. A 105-lb woman downed 173 buffalo wings this weekend to beat a dozen large men in The National Buffalo Wing Eating Contest. And lastly, scientists have discovered an actual Skinny gene. Gasp, I'm shocked!

A 105-pound woman took first place at the National Buffalo Wing Festival this weekend by devouring 173 wings in 12 minutes. Who else feels nauseous or heart burn right now? Sonya Thomas, a competitive eater known as "The Black Widow," was the crowd favorite. She competed against twelve large men for the title, but ended up beating them as well as the festival's previous record of 161 wings in 12 minutes that she set back in 2004.

How does she stay so skinny? Well, MSNBC reports that scientists have discovered that people are born that way. While, we all here at probably already knew this, I guess this is news now that a study has been finalized? Whatever...

"Scientists now say they have discovered the 'skinny' gene. And they’ve found this lucky batch of DNA in a variety of animals, according to a report published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism.
'This gene is in every organism from worms to humans,' says the study’s senior author, Dr. Jonathan Graff, an associate professor of developmental biology and internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 'We all have it. It's very striking.' Graff and his colleagues had been hunting for a gene that might naturally keep people thin. Eventually, they turned up a promising candidate in a gene that controls fat formation." -MSNBC

Apparently a similar study was done over 50 years ago by a Yale student, but was not looked at again until now. It's an exciting look into the future science of weight management. However, I do not think that a magic pill will appear anytime soon, it is weird to think about the future of diet and exercise. I think it's also interesting because when you see Hollywood celebrities look awkwardly skinny (Nicole Richie) or just are skinny (Like Keira Knightly) you now know it is possible that they may just be naturally skinny and have no disorders at all. It also creates an excuse for people who have eating disorders to just say, "I was born like this." And lastly, it also acknowledges that some people who are overweight/too skinny, do not hold the key to health right in the palm of their hand but rather it is a gene and not exactly easy to control naturally.

America Ferrera is known for her curves and embraces them. She knows she does not have this "skinny gene" and so she embraces a healthy lifestyle and looks fabulous. This month she will grace the cover of Glamour magazine. Of course she is photoshopped, swindling her curves into looking like someone she is not. Surprise! She’s a bombshell (and you can be one too) is the title of the accompanying article. So basically Glamour wants us to know that we can be a bombshell too if we a photoshopped, and that in fact it's suprising that a bigger woman in Hollywood is hot. Weird, no?

Instead of my usual rants, you should read this blog posted by Guanabee. Titled "Glamour Asks America Ferrera What It's Like To Be Fat" the article cracks jokes at how un-PC the magazines article is.
"How in the world is America Ferrera making it in Hollywood despite not being white or thin? That is the question Glamour seeks to answer in their latest issue. Sure they call her a bombshell and praise her for being the actress women love, but they also photoshopped the fat out from under her arms, gave her a hip and breast reduction and tanned that hide. As witnessed by the comparison at right to a recent file photo snapped in August.

GLAMOUR: So 11 Emmy nominations for Ugly Betty, two new films in the works. You’re huge!
[Translation: How can you be successful? You’re huge!]
AMERICA FERRERA: What’s crazy is that when opportunities to work come along, they are countered by just as many opportunities to piss it all away. Thank God I’m too busy to say yes.
[Translation: Thank God I’m too Latin to pull a Lindsay Lohan.]
AF: If this is my chance, I’d hate to look back and say I sacrificed it for partying.
[Translation: Unlike Dina Lohan, my mamá would kick my ass.]
GLAMOUR: Have you ever felt limited by your status as a Latina?
[Translation: Have you ever felt you should be cleaning someone’s house?]
AF: …[W]hen I came around with Real Women Have Curves…[w]e screened the film all over the world—in Jewish communities, black communities, Greek communities, German communities— and people across the board said, “That’s my family.”
[Translation: Fat people rule the world.]
GLAMOUR: So do you think Hollywood is moving away from the tall, skinny blond as the actress ideal?
[Translation: Should we be frightened?]
AF: At the end of the day, studios are learning there is a market out there that doesn’t necessarily want to go with predictable choices.
[Translation: No.]"

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