Dec 28, 2007

Little Black Dress Workout!

The Worst Celebrity Diet Trends of 2007

In the past year we saw our fair share of celebrity Meltdowns, visits to rehab, brief stints in jail, healthy celebrity bodies and unhealthy celebrity bodies. To sum it all up, here are the top five WORST celebrity news making trends of 2007 we hope to say goodbye to.

5. Celebrities admitting to an eating disorder to get publicity. Britney admitted that she battled bulimia. Paris Hilton apparently wrote in a journal that was sold during an auction from a storage locker she had forgotten about. Brittany Snow told People magazine she too battled an eating disorder. Courtney Love also admitted she had an eating disorder, as did Marcia Brady, Amy Winehouse (which problem that is we aren't sure but I'm going to guess she has more than one related to weight and drugs.) Hillary Duff admitted she almost had a disorder before her sister confronted her. There are more, many more. The only reason I'm including this is because real people have these problems. They talk about their weight loss is a tragic way, but at the end it's like, I am where I am today in this industry because I lost weight to get jobs, and now that I'm a working actor, I can choose my roles instead of losing weight to fit whatever I can get. Other celebrities admit their past problems to get an article in People to raise their profile. If you had a problem, keep it to yourself. We are well aware of the weight issues in Hollywood, we don't need them to be glamorized.

4. Curvy Celebrities who Embrace their curves and Then Go On Diets.
There has been this movement in Hollywood where heavier actresses and singers are being praised for not conforming to the stick thin Hollywood norm. They even have their own section in fashion magazines after awards shows, "Full Bodied Beauties!" Queen Latifah praised her 200-lb plus weight but wouldn't admit the actual number. A couple months later she signed on as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. Lilly Allen blogged on her MySpace about how she hated how people were calling her fat. She wasn't fat, but she ranted and raved about how she refused to cave in to the pressure to be thin like other famous celebrities. Guess who recently lost weight... Lilly Allen! I'm keeping a watch on America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson who are the next to succumb to the pressure. Please don't but please stop giving interviews and labeling yourself as a heavy role model for girls to look up to. NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: Start asking questions about their talents instead of how they feel about this label they were given.

3. Photoshop Scandals!!!
First there was Faith Hill. Redbook was severely scrutinized for making Hill look younger, leaner and MUCH better for their cover in early summer. The images were plastered all over the internet, and bloggers were up in arms. Women's magazines create an unattainable image for women to live up to through their articles. "How To Please Your Man" or "Look Leaner in 10 Minutes" or "How To perfect your life," but they all give tips on how we can be perfect. Truth is, we aren't. No one is. I used to think Britney Spears was perfect, but that was in 8th grade. Why do these naturally beautiful women need to be altered for perfection? Faith Hill is gorgeoous. Shape magazine touches up every cover and they promote health and wellness. Seriously, give it a rest. Wear more flattering clothes or find different models if you are not satisfied.

2. Celebrities Blogging About Health
Don't you just love an honest celebrity who has no censor? This past year John Mayer shared with us his food diary. Did anyone seriously care? It was a joke I understand, but totally unnecessary. Lilly Allen as I mentioned above posted this:
I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look . I felt like it didnt matter if I was a bit chubby cause , im not a model , I'm a singer . Im afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine . I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle , I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery , and laser lipo suction.”

The most recent and one of the most publicized was Jennifer Love Hewitt's fight back against some unflattering photo's taken of her in a bikini. She retaliated by posting a blog saying that a size 2 was not fat. I got mad and wrote my own blog about how I knew a size 2 wasn't fat, but she clearly is not a size 2 so why not use her actual pants size like a 4 or 6. If you've got something to say, do what they did in the old days, shut up. Stop adding fuel to the fire because you look like a jackass, cough cough Lily Allen, when you all of a sudden decide to lose weight.

#1. Say it loud and say it proud with me... TYRA BANKS!
Yes a person is my number one worst celebrity diet news story of the year. The self absorbed TV Talk Show Host/Former Model/Big Girls Spokeswoman made headlines when she fought back against photo's taken of her in a bikini. Yes, Tyra gained weight. Yes, she didn't look good. But where there's a will there's a way. Tyra turned the story into a full out women's movement. She marched onto her show in a bikini and uttered the now famous words, "Kiss my fat ass!" Well Tyra, your message was heard loud and clear however it was lost in translation. Everyone began making fun of her stint and trying to gather up all the big girls to revolt against this thin image we've been pressed to believe is what we should all look like in order to be beautiful. Not so Tyra. We know we don't need to be very thin. But you are a model, and you pretty much do.

I'll leave you with this thought: When I say America Ferrera, what comes to mind? Ugly Betty perhaps? When I say Queen Latifah, what do you first think? Same goes for any Hollywood lady who is not the standard size 2, these women want to be known for their talent, their jobs, and probably their great personality but everytime they get interviewed they are asked about their image. They didn't ask to be put in this Women With Curves category. We put them in it. Lets move forward in 2008 and hope we never have to read a question being asked to Queen Latifah like this again, "You just finished filming Mad Money in Shreveport, La., with Katie Holmes, who always brought cupcakes and treats to the set. How did you manage to maintain your figure?"

Dec 26, 2007

Holiday Headlines From Celebrities and Diet

Hope everyone had a happy holiday! While you were doing last minute shopping and baking some cookies, celebrities were out in full force making ridiculous headlines. Here is a quick recap of the best (relating to diet and fitness of course!(;

-Self absorbed Tyra Banks threw her workers a lame Christmas party in New York City at Lower East Side dive bar. Reportedly the workers drank themselves silly because Tyra did not serve any food. The show recently relocated from LA to NYC. According to Janet Charlton,
Tyra arrived for a brief stop, looking like a million bucks, and said she was on her way to Italy. Before she left, she told them "I want to thank you guys for working so hard- - I have a special guest - here's Santa!" Everybody ran to Santa's big bag and found it was full of limp McDonald's cheeseburgers! Employees got cheeseburgers for Christmas! (Our source isn't sure if the higher-ups got private bonuses but the everyday people didn't.) Staffers tore open their burgers, hoping for gift certificates. Nothing.

I love how Tyra Banks had this whole girl power "Fat Ass" thing this past year and then she goes and buys her staffers McD's burgers... Just because it may be her favorite fast food joint doesn't mean the rest of her coworkers love a Big Mac. I think Tyra needs a lesson in generosity from her idol Oprah.

-The best headline of the long holiday weekend was from Us Weekly who reported an LC/Heidi Dance off! Haha. For those who are not familiar with the two names, these are the two leading ladies of hit "reality" show The Hills. While most of us were packing on the extra lb's at Holiday Parties, these two were dancing the night away burning off the extra cookies. If you read the article though it's not really a dance off.

-Lastly, my mother was given Skinny Bitch (the book) for Christmas. Anyone else receive this little gem? Seriously though, I find it ridiculous that a former modeling agent and a model who hold a masters in holistic nutrition (or something) are qualified to give such advice to millions of women. I've written about this book before but had never actually read any of the chapters. Knowing it's a PR campaign for veganism, I never had any interest. Why go there if you don't have to right? First, in my opinion the book if for women who are probably already very thin and already obsessed with eating healthy. If you are seriously overweight, this is NOT the book for you. The diet plan is WAY too extreme for the ordinary Jane who wants to lose 30 lbs. They recommend to only eat when you are starving, including a ridiculous comment that says something like, "you will love the way it feels when your stomach is empty." Isn't this like pro-anna stuff? Anyway, if you do this, most likely you will over eat. They also recommend eating only fruit for breakfast, and not too early. Again they suggest to wait until later in the morning when you are starving. This is because they believe your body needs to finish it's sleepy time cleansing or something, and eating too early may disrupt the finishing touches.

I know many of you are big fans of the biggest loser (no pun intended). Recently the top four finalists revealed what some of the biggest changes they made to their diet were. Here is what Julie (97 lbs lost) said:
“Eat breakfast. When the doctors met with us, they told us that the only thing all 18 of us had in common was that we never ate breakfast. We never got our metabolism started at the beginning of the day, and by lunchtime we were starving.”

And why people are still buying this advice?

Dec 21, 2007

Queen Latifah Is The New Jenny Craig Spokeswomen To Promote Health

Queen Latifah not too long ago was on the cover of People magazine embracing her curvaceous 200-pound body. I questioned the truth behind the headline.

Here is a snip it from my blog:
First, the headline is "200 LBS & Loving It!" Sure she's smiling on the cover, but when she sees what they put as the headline I doubt she will be for much longer... Seriously, I ask myself, is any woman truely loving the fact that they weigh over 200 lbs? It's to say, but does she actually feel that way? Good for her. All the power to her, but I'm thinking People magazine just wrote that as the headline and those exact words never left her tongue.

Next, I turn to read the article. "Making It Big." Seriously, I'm not joking. Was this suppose to be a pun INTENDED? In the article, Latifah won't even admit her actual weight (she says its in the 200's) but yet she is extremely happy to be there? Ahh... then why not tell us. If I feel comfortable the way I look, like when I'm exercising alot and toned, I always tell people what I weigh. In the winter when I pack on the pounds, not so much.

Well, this week guess who became the latest celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig? Yes the one and only Queen Latifah! Apparently she wasn't 200 lbs and loving it if she's going to join the ranks of Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli. The twosome are constantly in the media checking in on how much they have LOST, not maintained.

Here is what the press release suggested:
The Hairspray star, who has consistently celebrated her plus-size figure over the years (including a recent PEOPLE cover story), will have a “very different campaign, focused on a healthier lifestyle, not on getting onto a specific dress size,” says Parker.

If I'm correct a diet is suppose to make you lose weight right? Why would anyone sign up for Jenny Craig to just maintain their weight? I wouldn't exactly call Jenny Craig a lifestyle unless you plan on eating frozen meals in a red box for the rest of your life.

What do you guys think?

Dec 18, 2007

Who is Casey Aldridge?

Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, is pregnant. Yes. It has been confirmed by Jamie Lynn herself, her mother and now Nickelodeon. Wonder if she'll get to keep her job as Zoey 101? I wrote about Britney on Monday and almost started crying when I watched her newest music video. She looks empty behind her eyes. How did such a promising family take such a U-Turn? The baby's daddy is Casey Aldridge. Who is Casey Aldridge? He is 19 and he met the little spears in church apparently. He is reportedly from a small town in Mississippi. I'll keep you updated.

There have been rumors swirling of another pregnant spears for awhile now. She is 12 weeks pregnant! Where is the baby bump watch when you need it? Also there were reports in June that the couple was moving in together, looking at apartments in Valencia, California. I searched for a myspace or facebook of casey aldridge but did not have any luck. If you find one, please post it here! What the hell is wrong with this girl? Why wasn't seh on the pill given her sister's apparent fertility????

Update: I just read that on November 9th, JL Spears reportedly broke up with her Aldridge because she couldn't stand being without him (he started college). Ahhhh I think this blogger got this story completely wrong! Maybe she wanted to have an abortion or he wanted her to have one.... who knows but I think this is right around the time she must have found out.

In August, The National Enquirer got the story right, just a few months too early. They said that Jamie had a pregnancy scare. It got mama Spears all upset that she was going to throw her career away.

“Jamie seemed very stressed and couldn’t concentrate,” the insider revealed. “Lynne kept asking her what was wrong and demanded that Jamie Lynn tell her what was going on, or she wasn’t going back to work.

“Jamie Lynn started crying and told her mom the whole story - that she feared she might be pregnant. Lynne said she would take her to the doctor when they got back home to Louisiana. Then Lynne informed her ex-husband Jamie.

Lynne cautioned Jamie they had to be discreet and there was no way she was going to take their daughter to a doctor in Los Angeles, said the insider.

Britney knows that her sister has been sexually active - and has advised her to go on the pill. But little sister refused and told her… that “the pill would make her fat,” according to the insider.

“Use condoms,” Britney replied.

The advice apparently went unheeded.

When Jamie Lynn first noticed she was late, she confised only in Britney and did not want to tell her mom Lynne, according to a friend of the teen…

“Lynne is furious that Jamie Lynn told Britney first and not her,” said the insider…

Strangely, a distraught Lynne and her ex-husband Jamie sought counsel from an unlikely source - Britney’s estranged husband Kevin Federline, who has two children out of wedlock.

The couple met with K-Fed at his Los Angeles home the weekend of July 14, according to the insider…

“Lynne told Kevin that Jamie Lynn could just be stressed out and that she doesn’t have regular periods.

“Kevin couldn’t believe Lynne and her ex-husband were venting in his living room.”

[From The National Enquirer print edition, August 16, 2007]


Tara Reid Gets Drunk and Gets A Boo Boo, plus Gossip from The Hills!

Apparently after quite some time away from the eye of the paparazzi Tara Reid has stepped out in bathing suit to reveal her skeleton. The yo-yo dieter seems to have shrunk down to her tiniest size ever.

These pictures were posted over the internet the past few days. Today there is an article in the NY Daily News saying she like, fell over or something in Indonesia. The actress suffered a few cuts and bruises while out partying in Bali. Perhaps her old ways have not changed and she has yet to adjust her drinking habits with her new weight? Lay off the booze Tara.

What does she do these days anyway?

FABULOUS GOSSIP OF THE DAY: There are rumors that Kristin Cavalerri may join the cast of The Hills next season. THEY better do this. If they do not, ratings for the hills are going to plummet with the news in regards to the plotting of the story lines. Is it real you wonder? NO! What reality shows have a problem every episode that is sort of resolved by the end of the 30 minutes, but still has an underlying story line all season that is resolved in the season finale?! If Kristin join, A) we know it's fake, and B) I will watch again, and watch with pleasure. TEAM KRISTIN!

Dec 17, 2007

Britney aka Unfitney has a new music video from her most recent album, appropriately titled "Black out." However, instead of losing weight in an unhealthy fashion like most celebrities would do, she didn't have to diet for one minute to get a hot bod. How you ask? Simply by having a little photoshop magic do the slimming for her.

MTV debuted the music video "Piece of Me," on Friday night (Dec 14th) at 11 PM. Then Saturday the 15th around 10 AM, Perez Hilton (my least favorite blogger) posted a link to view some footage from the music video with a Britney who looked much larger than the empty eyed blonde who seemed quite svelte in the final version of the video.

As a former die-hard spears fan, I almost found myself brought to tears watching this. I legit like the cd. I like her music. It's fun to get ready to before going out for the night. However, when I listen to it, I have to make a mental note that the singer is not the same person I see on the tv every night between 7 and 8 PM. She is seriously going to kill herself.

The video looks like they didn't even hire a choreographer, and this is a song that could be (could have been?) a major club hit! She looks like I did in a home video of a ballet recital. I just went up on stage and made up my dance as I went along. Here and there I knew I wanted to leap, but no I didn't really have a game plan. I think this is what Britney did. I was in first grade. She might be on too many drugs. She just had an empty look on her eyes.

DIET TALK: Why didn't Brit at least attempt to lift a few weights before the shoot? Two pilates classes will give you stomach a little definition if your the least bit in shape. Also, why does she keep insisting on wearing next to nothing? If she is insecure about her weight, then wear a shirt that covers your bellybutton! Seriously, I don't wear shirts like that nor do I own one. If she wants to edit her video to look slimmer, just wear slimming clothes. We have long been aware of how Magazine covers lie to us with photoshop but now we have learned that they can even photoshop videos! I didn't know this and I work in the video editing department. What do guys think? Makes you wonder if anyone else has been photoshopped. Body doubles we know exist. Remember Julia Roberts' legs in pretty women? So weird and freaky that this is done. I suppose if I could photoshop every picture of myself I would too, but then again I'm sort of lying to myself about what I actually look like.

In college as a communication major, we learned why people lie as well as why lying isn't always a bad thing. One reason is to save face. This means basically that we lie to protect ourselves

Dec 12, 2007 Holiday Party Survival Guide: Healthy Appetizers

American Women Don't Eat Carbs after 2 pm, Madonna Sucks, Biggest Loser Final Four

Today in celebrity and diet news, we report that Madonna is a mean girl, some British guy wishes the women in England were more like females in the U.S. and The Biggestest Loser becomes a game of weight loss AND strategy.

-Some Brittish Guy told The Dail Mail that he thinks American women do not eat carbs after 2 pm and are betting looking than British females. We think he is delusional and has made a generalization about American women from the ones that live in Hollywood... because none of us have anything better to do than look pretty right?

-If Yoga promoted zen and peacefulness then what the heck has Madonna been doing all these years? If you find yourself going to Yoga early in the AM on a Saturday, make sure Madonna is not in town. She reportedly kicked out an entire Yoga class, including the instructor this weekend in NYC!

-And lastly, find out who got the boot from last nights episode of The Biggest Loser. Additionally, how old do you think Neil is? I bet you're going to be WAY off!

The Biggest Loser Recap: And then there were four

The Biggest Loser has finally narrowed down the pool to the remaining 4 contestants. Since when did this show become about alliances and team strategy? I mean the remaining contestants are all from the black team. Does this mean Jillian is the best trainer when it comes to shedding pounds?

Also, can you believe that the final four were almost sent packing during episode 1? I guess the captains chose wisely because they picked their biggest threats, or did they?

I'm so confused now about this show. I know no one does it really for the money, but I don't think people should be getting voted off at all. It should be who ever has the biggest weight loss TOTAL at the end. None of this week by week stuff. People have fluctuations, water retaining... What did you guys think?

Who do you want to win? Who do you think should have won?

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FINAL TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE! Also, who knew that Neil was only 25 years old!!!!????

American Women More Beautiful Than British?

In todays world, it seems we can't away from the bashing of Americans (unless you choose not read about it). However, I found this little gem of an article while reading my favorite British site, The Daily Mail.
This is so unfair, but England's Amy Winehouse...
American Cameron Diaz...
Why can't British women get a man?
Because they are overweight, unkempt and lazy about grooming, says a screenwriter who's made it his business to date women on both sides of the Atlantic.
American-born Tad Safran - who spends his time in London and Los Angeles - says English women are stunning natural beauties when young, but they fail to rise to the challenge as they age and need to make more of an effort.
He complains that they don't take enough care of their appearance and fitness, and drink and eat too much.
When it comes to beauty, American women win hands down.
[The Daily Mail]

This guys thinks American women spend $715 on beauty maintenance a month, and an additional $1,000 on physical conditioning (like gym membership, yoga class, etc.) I hate to break it to you brittish guy, but not all american women do this. Maybe in Hollywood where he spends half his time (the other half in England) but if he is making these statements based on living in La La land, you have the female population in the states kind of wrong.

Yes, I am flattered that you think I work out more than my counterparts across the seas but I wouldn't say I Hollywood narcisists represent our entire country. The Brittish guy then tells a story which I find HILARIOUS...

Safran cites a recent dinner with his friend and his wife, who invited along a face from the past, named 'Sophie' to protect her real name.

Safran was friends with 'Sophie' 15 years ago and considered her a "truly beautiful" girl and was pleased when his friend's wife told him she hadn't changed at all and "still had the body of a 20-year-old".

However, Safran insists he was horrified by 'Sophie's current appearance, declaring if she did have the body of a 20-year-old, it was "dismembered in her freezer at home. She certainly didn't have it on her skeleton".

Safran was umimpressed with Sophie's presentation. He said: "'Sophie' tumbled into the house looking like a refugee from Hurricane Katrina. She smelt like the R&D lab at Philip Morris. Her outfit was about as sexy as half-pound of ground meat."

His shock continued when 'Sophie' tucked into a hearty meal of Shepherd's pie, which according to Safran, "no self-respecting American girl consumes carbohydrates after 2pm".

Really? We don't?

Lastly he says that, "He blames the failures of British women on friends not being honest with each other over their appearance, and mothers who do not teach women how to look after themselves. In America, women start going to spas in childhood."

I didn't go to a spa until I was... oh wait, I have never been. I have gotten the occasional massage (2 actually), and did get my nails done in high school a few times a year, but the Hot Nails in my hometown mall hardly counts as a spa.

The conclusion of this article really should be, "The world is delusional about the lives of American women." What people around the world perceive Americans as is so far off from reality is humorous. I started out the blog by generalizing the news around the world as American Bashers, with a small innuendo towards the notion that American women 1, British women 0. Now, I'm back to my initial feeling. The world hates Americans and thinks we are completely materialistic and self absorbed. Thanks but no thanks Daily Mail. A good fact check would help this article as to how much time American women take to get ready in the morning, spend on average working out, and money spent on appearance.

Yoga Can Make You Mean, at least if you're Madonna

When Madonna comes from overseas we usually hear a few ridiculous stories about the material girl turned yoga-nazi and her tribulations in the country she once was worshiped in.

Today Page 6 is reporting that her Madgesty told a Saturday morning yoga class, I want you all to leave." Honestly, if I lived in NYC (the city that never sleeps) and woke up for early yoga class on one of my 2 days to sleep in, and then got kicked out by the Material Girl, I would be pretty mad. It would make for a good story over brunch, but I'd be mad.

Madonna went to the Reebok Sports Club in NYC early Saturday Morning (the same one I went to for a wall climbing lesson at the young age of 13, like any of you care...). It appeared as though she was planning to take a yoga class, but according to a member of the class,
"Madonna started talking to the instructor and he told her talking wasn't allowed, she replied, "I need to speak to you," and then said to the class, "I want you all to leave." The teacher left with all 25 students. Madonna remained in the room practicing and wouldn't leave when a 10:30 a.m. dance class was to start. Madonna's rep said, "That sounds unlikely." The club declined to comment.

When I first saw this, I thought she wanted a private lesson with the instructor. Apparently not since he left as well! I am sure there is more to this story. I mean really, how can someone who practices so much zen loving relaxing yoga be so catty and mean girl-esque. Don't worry New Yorkers, soon enough she will be back in England where her fake accent belongs!

Dec 5, 2007

Lauren Conrad: Hard Worker or Hardly Works Out?

LC has a killer bod according to the cover of Shape Magazine, which is also known for it's FABULOUS photoshopping skills. When I saw the that LC was going to be featured I was so excited because I have written about her "workouts" before, and I couldn't wait too see what BS she was going to reveal to us now.

I am writing this paragraph before I read the article FYI: I predict she will say she doesn't diet. Eat's what she wants. Loves to go for long hikes in the Hills of Hollywood and works out like 3-4 days a week if she has time. She is soooo busy.

Ok, now I read!

Ok well, the entire article isn't online yet, and I don't have a copy in my hands so I will just have to settle with this little review I found at

The Hills star Lauren Conrad shows off her bikini body in the upcoming January 2008 issue of Shape Magazine. In the issue, Lauren shares her workout secrets: twice-a-week weight training, running and kickboxing, along with a fish-and-veggie-friendly diet. “I used to love fast food,” Lauren, 21, admits. “Now I eat six small meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies.”

How ridic photoshopped is this?
Ok so she does diet, and she doesn't really work out. I stand corrected LC.

Dec 3, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt Calls Size 4 Women Fat

Jennifer Love Hewitt sure is making headlines these days. She recently got engaged, and was then photographed in a bikini by the paparazzi. The pictures to say the least were very unflattering. Many blogs picked up the beach photos and poked fun at Hewitt's apparent weight gain. I purposely did not post the pictures because I thought it was very judgmental and in poor taste to slam someone who should be celebrating one of the happiest times in her life.

That was before I read the headline on

Jennifer Love Hewitt: 'A Size 2 Is Not Fat!'

Please excuse my language when I say, "No shit? Really? A size 2 isn't fat? Thanks Jennifer Love Hewitt for clearing that up."

Hewitt, 28, wrote on her blog after the pictures were plastered all over the internet saying, "Like all women out there should, I love my body, I know what I look like, and so do my friends and family." She goes on to say, "I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image."

She continues to have diarrhea of the mouth by adding, "A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful. … To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini – put it on and stay strong."

What angers me about this blog post is that it seems soooo defensive. She comes across to me as saying, "I am a size 2. That's not fat. I'm not fat. These pictures make me look kinda fat, but I am a size 2 and that means I'm not fat." She tries to come across like she is disgusted with the way celebrities are scrutinized for their weight by the media and as a result young girls are becoming brain washed in what is actually thin. However, I would like to write a blog to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Here it it:

Dear Jennifer Love Handles,
A size 2 is not fat. A size 0 doesn't make you beautiful. However, you definitely are not a size 2. I am not either. Does that make me fat? During your entire girl power feminist blog post, I was disgusted that you didn't point out that a size 4 is not fat. A size 6 isn't fat either. I'm a size 6 and I would never write a blog saying size 2 is not fat. I would say a size 8 isn't even considered fat, ESPECIALLY if you're a tall person, I could go on as well, I know size 10 and 12 people who look lovely in bikini and I wouldn't call them fat. I do not know why you chose to use a size 2 as an example but I don't think anyone is going to argue that a size 2 is not fat. NO ONE except the a**hole on YouTube who has nothing better to do. You got photographed having a little bit of cellulite. Who doesn't, ask Tyra Banks. Sure she is crazy but she came out with her real weight number and wore a bikini on national TV. You instead, wrote a blog telling us something that we have always known and made it out like you were this heroic public figure for standing up to the media. No, you're not. But you made my size-4 friend think she is fat. Are you calling her fat?

Diet Diva

What do you guys think about her blog post. Here is the link to her blog.