Nov 28, 2007

Country Singers Forgo the Fried Chicken For Healthier Workouts

Last week, People magazine's BodyWatch gave us the inside scoop on how country singing sensations are dropping pounds. Here I thought southern folk all enjoyed the slow pace of living and good old fried chicken? Who knew?

Well, in all honesty I knew as soon as Carrie Underwood was crowned American Idol that she would soon slim down. I mean, the girl went from college senior to best female vocalist. When I graduated college, I slimmed down a good 20 lbs in 4 months... without really trying. I guess I tried a little bit, but it would've been more of an effort to keep the weight on. Too much partying, late night food, then too hung over to workout and needed the grease to feel better so I could study all day. Yeah, it's a rut you get into.

Carrie tells People she shed her baby weight (or freshmen 15 as I would prefer) by amping up her cardio. After she won season 4 of AI, she decided to slim down but didn't change her diet or fitness routine radically to do so (OMG, are we like the same person). Underwood says she does not workout with a trainer, but does "lots of cardio." She watched what she easts, but Underpants is a longtime vegetarian. She was actually voted sexiest vegetarian by PETA this past year. Her tips for people like us are to carry a snack around with you at all times. She always has a kashi bar in her little purse on the red carpet. Maybe that's not something we relate to, but maybe when you're shopping and pull out a snack you can say, "I'm pulling a Carrie Underwood, duh."

Following with AI trend, People also profiles none other than, Kellie "bricks for brains" Pickler. Seriously, watch a few clips when she was on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader." She really is that dumb or trying to pull the biggest JSimp ever on us. Pickler dropped 17 lbs since appearing on Idol in March '07, when rumors swirled of a breast augmentation. She claims she does not diet, doesn't give anything up and hits the gym only when it fits her busy schedule. Huh? How did she lose the weight then? She claims she is drinking more water and no longer eating when she isn't truly hungry. She says, "It's not about losing weight anymore, it's about getting everything to stop flopping around!" Her cardio of choice when she time are swimming, running or playing a game of football with her band (with her new set of twins I'm sure it's no contact).

Now quickly onto the boring country stars we don't really care about:
LeAnn Rimes has gotten really into Yoga, and does circuit training. Yes she has a trainer, she can bench press her weight which is very impressive in my opinion, and keeps her tour bus stocked with healthy choices like cottage cheese, turkey, fruit and whole-grain breads.

Jewel (who knew she was considered country?) says she workouts with a trainer, and loves to do 'hot-yoga' when she is in Nashville. She lives in Texas so I'm not sure how often that might be, but People found it interesting enough to print. She works out for an hour 5-times a week ocmbining weight cardio and ... football exercises. Yes, football. She eats whole grains and lean protein (obv) and the occasional dark chocolate! Jewel says no to the elliptical because it's boring. I say no to the elliptical because I don't feel like I truly get a workout.

Thanks People Bodywatch! I can't weight for next week's bar raising journalism.

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