Nov 12, 2007

John Mayer Food Blog, Tyra Banks sends plus sized model home

John Mayer is making fun of you. Yes, you heard me. He thinks that we are all so obsessed with celebrity gossip, that he wants to bring us "the most personal facet of [his] life." His meals. Mayer has begun keeps a meal blog of everything he eats, and taking a picture to upload for all the world to see. Clever idea if you ask me.

He is mocking the public for our obsession over needing to know every little detail regarding celebrity lifestyles. Ever since he dumped J.Simpson he has been looking a really good. Not exatly cute yet in my opinion, but he no longer looks like a mess. He seems to actually care, and has begun working out. So naturally, I am a little curious to see if he has been eating healthy. It turns out, the only pictures on his mlog right now are a waffle with bacon, some french fries, fried chicken, a Shepard's pie thing that looks like flan in my opinion and yes a salad. If you are interested in what Mayer is eating, check out his meal blog here.

In other diet news...

I reported awhile back that one of the contestants on this cylce of America's Top Model was being portrayed as "Plus-siz" however bloggers all over the internet seemed to disagree! This past week she was kicked off for "losing weight."

Having not watched this show since I realized I hated Tyra Banks and her massive ego, I can't really say alot however, interviewed Sarah Hartshorne, the ANTM contestant, and what she had to say is pretty dead on.

How did you feel when you were being talked about as a plus-size model? What is the regular size for plus-size? Lots of commenters on the Internet thought that you were already thin.

I don't really know what size most plus-size girls are, but people tell me it's a little bigger than me. I try not to think too hard about labels like that. I am who I am, and I look how I look. I like it, Tyra likes it, and I think I held my own among the other girls. Since I never thought of myself as a model before the show, I definitely never saw myself as a plus-size model. I wouldn't mind being one, but I wish we didn't have to categorize everything so much. Why can't I just be a model? Why couldn't someone as gorgeous as Toccara Jones just be a model? Why do we have to be put in our own section? I'm not one of those people who believes that all skinny girls are wrong or bad or don't belong on a runway. The girls in the house were beautiful and talented but I wish their beauty and talent was what mattered most, not their weight.

Let me tell you that Sarah is 5'10" and weighs 150 lbs, a size 8! Like seriously, this is what a plus size model is? Tyra Banks is such a hypocrite. She cries on TV about her "fat ass" and loves to promote the whole healthy body, love the skin your in but then she has to go and label the model with a bmi of 21.5 as Plus-Sized!? Just another reason why I desprise Tyra Banks. Here are some pictures of Sarah. What do you guys think.

Here are some quotes from another site called
Buddytv:From day one until the day you were eliminated, it did look like you had lost weight, but did you? Or were you trying to?

I was certainly not trying to. I lost like three and half pounds. I hadn’t really thought about it but now that I do, maybe a lot of it was just the way I was carrying myself. Being in a house full of models you straighten up. You stand tall. Like when I’d laugh I used to kind of hunch up. Like the pictures that they show to contrast between what I look like before and after, I’m sort of laughing and hunching up my shoulders and I don’t do that so much anymore. I think maybe a lot of it was carriage and being aware of my body, which I never really had to be before except as an actress. And that’s a very different type of awareness.

Buddytv: Your elimination had a lot of BuddyTV readers really upset, especially since Tyra makes such a big deal about being okay with your body on her talk show. When she brought up your weight as an issue, what were your thoughts on that?

My thought was that, it is an issue. And I acknowledge that. And it’s an issue in the fashion industry on both ends. Weight is an issue in America really. We have and obesity problem, but at the same time we have problems with eating disorders among young girls. So, it’s an issue at a really high level of American culture and consciousness, but it’s also an issue in the fashion industry. Therefore, it’s going to be an issue on the show. So, I don’t think she’s wrong to bring it up. I mean, it’s unfortunate that she brought it up, but it does and she did. She always said that I was beautiful, so it’s not as though she ever said anything disparaging about the way I looked. So, I never really felt that badly or anything.


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