Apr 28, 2008

Advanced Fitness and Exercise Video: Body Weight Workout

Kate Hudson Gossip Outta Boston

Saturday night, I went out with a group of my girlfriends for a birthday dinner gathering. Little did I know, the Mexican restaurant I presumed was going to give me stomach ache, would give me my coolest celebrity sighting yet. There are events I've attended where I've expected to see celebrities, like the Sundance Film Festival. However living in Boston, you just don't expect to see one in the flesh, neither are you really looking. That was why seeing Kate Hudson this Saturday at La Verdad in Fenway was so cool!

She was accompanied by another woman, who I totally know, and a guy who looked a lot like Mr. T. She sat down at a table within an arms reach of ours. I'm sure she was thrilled to be sitting next to the only table that looked like US Weekly worshiping 20 somethings. Her back was to us, while she was facing the wall. She was dressed very casual, wearing a skinny scarf thing around her neck (it kinda looked like a tie) and an over-sized textured white shirt. She accessories with a variety of necklaces and a large enamel ring on her pointer finger. Looking oh so clean, her hair was wet and tousled back loosely in a messy bun. I thought it was greasy, but my friend Stacy gasped, "She smelled so good," as soon as she left (Sorry Stace), therefore I'm concluding it was recently washed and still damp. She didn't look like she was wearing any makeup, but was still absolutely beautiful. Little Rider still had long blonde hair, and was wearing a navy blazer with large gold button/cuff links (I'm a female and have no idea what these are called).

The Diet.com in me tried hard to pay attention to what she was eating. Kate is so petite and I always read about her in the papers eating like man, and I mean that in a good way. The girl likes to eat, and that's a good thing! I'm not sure what she got for an entree but she did indulge in a margarita and some guacamole and chips. She also was sent a complementary dessert of churros. We ordered the same dessert so I took a picture to show you all what she had, however my friends were too quick and I was only able to snag a pic of the last bite. After Kate and Co. got up, we realized they didn't eat their dessert really, but we loved ours!

In regards to my first Boston celeb sighting, Kate seemed so down to earth. She even got up to ask the bartender a question herself. No nanny in tote, and she just looked like the best mom ever! Her and her son (who looks like a girl) were so cute together! He was very well behaved as well. Kate can stay in Boston all she wants. We didn't ask for a pic but here is the back of her head. I pretended to take a picture of my friends.

Apr 25, 2008

Work out Like Tennis Pro Maria Sharapova!

How do you keep from getting bored with exercising? Most of us know that you need to switch up your routine. After all, if you can't stick to one diet for the rest of your life, what makes you think you'll be able to stick to the same workout? Vary it up a little bit. I think female athletes are much more attractive than Hollywood waif like creatures. Why would I prefer noshing on lettuce than kicking it like tennis hottie Maria Sharapova?

Growing up, I took tennis and swimming lessons during the summer. Two skills that I still use every summer! I love playing tennis because not only do I get to show off my silly switch-foot jump backhand but I also get to workout while having fun. My friends and I all took lessons together back in the day, so it's fun to have a little bit of competition among our gang.

Besides golf, tennis is quite the social butterfly among sports. It brings people together to socialize, and break a sweat. Also, not only did the sport bring us Venus and Serena Williams, but also the blonde babes Ana Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. These ladies are known to be sex symbols worldwide. Instead of reading about Mariah Carey's weight loss and exercise program, wouldn't you rather know how these professional athletes keep up on their game? Practicing for hours each day (afterall it is their job), Sharapova reportedly eats 3 BIG meals a day, and never denies herself of sweets. The girl is 6'2! Want to hear more about Maria's diet and exercise plan? Click here.

Other celebrities love to play tennis as a means to stay active. Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Williams are both known to be avid fans of the game. Sometimes, my friend Elizabeth and I will play a set and then go running. Occasionally we'll do some abs on the beach (We are lucky and play in the cape). This way, we mix in some fun while feeling like we each have our own trainer.

If you have never played tennis, it's not too late. Why not hire a cute tennis pro to give you lessons! If your game is on the so-so side, try this workout Katrina put me through the other day. I thought we were gonna play each other, but she had some other ideas. The end is particularly amusing because Katrina tries to act like she's all better than me or something, but guess who comes out on top?

Apr 24, 2008

Tennis Workout Video

Watch my new tennis workout video! Katrina thinks she is better but she is not really. Haha.

Apr 17, 2008

Britney Spears' Workout at Bally's

Wow, it's been quite some time since I have last written about a REAL celebrity and their recent weight loss. I'm going to go back to my roots today and give you all an update (sorta) on everyone's favorite train wreck "Britney Spears." Why does everyone call her that?

She was spotted yesterday walking into Bally's Fitness Center in Culver City, CA. Mobbed by photogs, Spears and a pal walked without acknowledging the flashing bulbs. Closely followed Brit's body guard. Spears worked out while her pal by walking on the treadmill and riding a stationary bike. She probably did some other stuff however, I am surprised she didn't leave in an ambulance seeing as the paparazzi would not leave the girl alone during her workout. While Brit was walking on the treadmill, the photos never ceased to be taken! I can't imagine how hard it must have been to NOT fall off the treadmill.

A few weeks back, OK! Magazine reported that Britney had lost 15 lbs and included a cover shot from a 2003 photo shoot for Glamour magazine. Yeah right! Like anyone believes Britney looks like that again. She reportedly has cut back on her fatty Starbucks frappuccinos and junk food. She prefers dancing when it comes to cardio according to OK! because it is more slenderizing.

This snap shot was taken of Brit in her Hooters socks and sneaks at home, perhaps after a workout. Her shirt appears to be see through, maybe drenched in sweat? No?
Regardless, now we know why she was just walking on treadmill and her skin still looks bad.

Most interesting is that a few weeks back, it was reported that Britney's people were in talks with Bally's about a possible endorsement deal. The sponsorship would be in partnership with her comeback campaign. All sides are denying these allegations, but it is interesting that it's now mid April and she is still showing up to work out at Bally's almost daily! That's it for now, I'll leave the Spears drama to the tabloids.

Apr 16, 2008

The Biggest Loser Finale Workout Video

She may not have won but here is Maggie's workout before the finale.

Apr 10, 2008

Celebrity Bikini Body Secrets That Work!

Who holds the secret to weight loss success? Is it Nicole Richie or Kirstie Alley? Does Oprah know the secret or her trainer? Or your grandmother who bakes the best cookies and have never been on a diet in her life? Everyone wants to know the secret for weight loss, but in actuality it's not a secret at all.

A secret is something you don't reveal to a stranger. It's information that is kept hidden from others and may be revealed to people that you trust. For this exact reason I question why Giuliana Rancic asks celebrities on the red carpet for their secret to staying in shape. It's a secret Giulinana, and if it was, they would not tell you the media? Why don't you just ask what they eat or how far they jogged that morning?

'Tis the season to publish celebrity weight loss secrets. Get ready! By next month, every issue will be dishing the dirt on how various tabloids Kings and Queens stay fit. People Magazine a few weeks ago had "Hollywood's Hottest Bodies: 100 Tips From The Stars." What were my favorite tricks revealed in the article?

Rihanna goes on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes for some interval type cardio and if she's going on vacation, she'll do Pilates for 2 weeks straight. She also admits she's an all or nothing type gal. AKA eat whatever, then realize you're being gaining some pounds and go back to eating healthy for little while.

Claire Danes' trainer says 3 days a week of cardio "is healthy. You shouldn't overdo it." I love anything that means I can lay off the treadmill without feeling guilty.

The wackiest tricks in my opinion were limited but present. Susie Castillo doesn't mix meat and starches because "it's too hard for the body to digest." She also had a glass of juice made from romaine lettuce every morning. She is from Massachusetts but her eating habits seem whack to me!? I had a crazy roommate in college that used to do weird stuff like this. She didn't have the "secret." I know this because these crazy methods never lead to weight loss, but rather uncontrollable drunk munchies.

Mariah Carey has her trainer move in with her so she can't cheat. Sooooo, if you want to steal her dieting trick I suggest finding a really annoying roommate who happens to be a health freak. I'm available if anyone wants to pay my room/board/salary? Any takers?

Fergie takes organic Vinegar shots. Two tablespoons after lunch and dinner. "It helps take toxins out of your body," she claims. I love how everything is quoted in the article like the stars make these ridiculous health claims but People wants no business in getting in trouble so they make sure the attributions go to the celebs.

However for the babes with the killer bodies, People went straight to their trainers. Jessica Biel's trainer Valerie Waters says "She's game for anything, like 10 reps of standing on one foot doing a single leg squat." When not with Waters, Biel jogs and does yoga. Valerie also trains some of the most desired bodies in Hollywood like Jennifer Garner.

I actually have her book "Red Carpet Ready" which is really good to use as a guide for how to get a good burn at the gym in minimal time. It's basically a 6 week program to get "Red Carpet Ready," but for us plain folk, we can use it to get in shape for a vacation, a birthday party or wedding. Just start 6 weeks before the big date! The book has sections on getting started, the science of nutrition, what to eat and why, and a workout plan with cardio and strength training. The workouts change every day and they are done as circuits to maximize the amount of fat and calories burned during the course of your workout.

Valerie reccomends to all her clients that they take CUUR, which is a weight loss supplement that she believes in. It's a also called the Swedish Secret because it just came to the US market from Sweden. And obviously everyone in Sweden in thin, blonde and beautiful right? Haha, they wish! But, as someone who has taken the pill, it doesn't have the same side effect as other weight loss pills you see in the back of magazines. Right now, you can actually get CUUR and Valerie Waters' book for free! You just have to pay shipping and handling. So if you are a gym rat like me, and get bored very easily, this book is informative in educating you about nutrition but not overly long and boring like South Beach or any of those long books, and also really helpful because it shows you how to do like 100 moves. It's like a diet/exercise plan book for people who don't like to read (i.e. The Diet Diva). If you go to http://getcuur.com you can get your free 30 day trial of CUUR and a free copy of Valerie's book. That's all for me. I've gotta a vacation in Miami to prep for! Diva out.

Apr 9, 2008

Not Another Sexy YouTube Video

I am officially a sell out. But please join the group! Submit your bikini video :)

Apr 4, 2008

The Biggest Loser Season 5: Maggie King Exclusive Interview

Are you a gossip junkie like I am? I know it’s not exactly something to be proud of, but when your “name” is Diet Diva, you’re allowed some leeway here I think. I had a face-to-face with a Biggest Loser contestant and I’ve got quite the lowdown -- insider tips and gossip that you won’t see on air!

The annoying part is that I was told in confidentiality. A few months ago I wrote a blog on The Biggest Loser diet. I made a few snide remarks regarding their training techniques and food preparations. I can’t tell you all of the secrets I was told, buthttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif I will admit that most of my presumptions I wrote about , are true.

A few things I will disclose are that the day before the weigh-in all they do is cardio, cardio and more cardio. They are weighed early in morning, but do not know their actual weight until the taping, which is at night. The first weigh-in lasted about 4 hours! Before weigh-ins, the contestants are joined by the trainers for some water weight loss activities.

The contestants are doing cardio for about 6 hours a day. They also have a “cheat” day like many diets allow. The day they weigh in, they actually get to enjoy foods like hamburgers and fries because they have already weighed in, and now they have to re-energize for another crazy week.

I was lucky enough to sit down with one of the most blogged-about contestants from Season 5 of The Biggest Loser. She filled me in on some more of the secrets from the show. Stuff like what they eat, who prepares it, and if there are chefs around.

To find out what controversial contestant Maggie King looks like today and hear what she had to say, watch my interview here.

Biggest Loser Season 5: Maggie King Online Video Interview

Apr 1, 2008


Check Out Michelle's Awesome Video! We hope she wins!!! :)