Nov 21, 2007

The Best Thanksgiving Diet Survival Guide, Tips and Workout!

Burn calories this Thanksgiving instead of packing on the pounds. Here are the best tips I've seen around the internet, health magazines, and talk shows. They are realistic and simple to remember.

Here is my workout video with Fitness Expert Katrina (who is also my trainer). These moves can be done anywhere from your guest bedroom to your local gym. Don't use lack of time as an excuse not to workout this busy holiday season! This circuit by the way, kicked my butt!

Other great ideas for working out while traveling: Bring along your running shoes (if weather permits). Pack a jump rope, they are light weight and easy to pack Go for a walk before having dinner. Play a little game of touch football while the bird is in the oven. Don't forget that cleaning the house, preparing the meal and then cleaning up again after dinner burns calories as well. Wear a heart rate monitor to see if your heart rate stays up while your playing Suzy Homemaker.

A few last minute pointer in regards to the big meal:
-The big advice apparently is that Pumpkin pie is your best bet in regards to dessert when compared to Apple Pie and Pecan Pie. -Don't drink your calories (unless dinner is going to be unbearable without that oversized glass of red wine). Turkey is a major green light.
-Use smaller dinner plates. First load up on veggies and lean protein, then choose from the other stuff like mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, for just a taste.
-Once you've finished round one and want to go up for seconds, sit for about 15 minutes, have a LARGE glass of water, and then decide if you really want seconds or what you need to have.
-Remember, if you're hosting the dinner let your guests take home leftovers (especially the deserts, keep the turkey). If you ARE going to be stuck with the leftovers, and you know this, there is really no need to STUFF yourself in this one day. Let your food last a few days, you'll save money.

That is all I got, remember this is the Holiday Season, not just one day. You've got an entire month of holiday parties and dinners coming up. Budget your calories wisely, treat it like a bank account. If you eat too many on Thursday remember to watch your intake on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble Gobble.

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