Oct 26, 2007

People Magazine Dumps on Queen Latifah

Ok, I am 90% sick of celebrity gossip. My new guilty pleasure is sports. Yes, sports and reading about the players (and their personal lives). Today I was planning on writing about professional athlete's wives, and girlfriends. I mean come on, they have to stay at the top of their game to keep their hunnies from running off with a groupie. Most started dating their men before they made it big, so it's not like they have that Type A personality drive that famous people do (which is why I believe they can be so self disciplined about their bodies and what they put in them.) But of course, People magazine had to have Queen Latifah on the cover.

First, the headline is "200 LBS & Loving It!" Sure she's smiling on the cover, but when she sees what they put as the headline I doubt she will be for much longer... Seriously, I ask myself, is any woman truely loving the fact that they weigh over 200 lbs? It's to say, but does she actually feel that way? Good for her. All the power to her, but I'm thinking People magazine just wrote that as the headline and those exact words never left her tongue.

Next, I turn to read the article. "Making It Big." Seriously, I'm not joking. Was this suppose to be a pun INTENDED?

The People reporter asks Latifah, "You just finished filming Mad Money in Shreveport, La., with Katie Holmes, who always brought cupcakes and treats to the set. How did you manage to maintain your figure?" Not to be mean but "maintain her 200 lb figure?" Please tell us Queen Latifah... Ok, not to be mean, but for Queen Latifah, she needs to eat 3000 calories a DAY to maintain her 200 lb figure, if she is active (which most celebs are especially when working). Latifah does not have a sweet tooth however. SHe is more of a meal person.

The reporter then asks, "How do you feel about always being labeled the curvy, big beautiful one?" She responds that it's good for regular girls (i.e. not good for her self esteem) because the meter for beauty has been a slim white girl. Beauty is not just a white girl. It's so many different flavors and shapes. True that, Queen Latifah! But don't go calling her curvy. The Queen prefers to be called Normal. Duhhhhh People Magazine and stupid reporter! She says, "I think I'm normal compared to the statistics. This is a big country now a days. I would say I'm voluptuous. Statuesque. Definitely curvaceous."

What is normal vs being average? Seriously. Are you normal if you're overweight since most of the population is? Or are you normal because your neither stick thin or obese? What are healthy athletic people, abnormal?

Oct 22, 2007

Win a Free Vacation for 4 worth $10,000!!!!

You have a 1 in 10 chance right now to win a $10,000 cruise for 4 people.... Seriously, keep reading. I'm not spamming. You know I work for Diet.com and today I'm taking a break from the usual celebrity gossip roundup to give you the easiest opportunity ever. Congrats to everyone on here who is doing a fabulous job! Keep up the good work, right now is probably one the hardest times to diet (for me at least) because I know I'm going to need to wear lots of clothing pretty soon and wont have to be in a skirt, bathing suit or tank top for a long time. I think you guys deserve a FREE $10,000 Vacation courtesy of Del Monte fruit products.

I am NOT one to enter contests, call radio stations, buy lottery tickets etc, which is why I'm blogging about this today. Del Monte is having this contest called The Chill Out Video Contest on Youtube. All you have to do is submit a video to their group page on Youtube (here is the link), of a meltdown, freak out, hissy fit, you get the drift... and then the people vote for which video they like the most. Right now there are 10 entries, and believe me, they are mediocre. You can do better. All you need is a camera, or even just a cell phone and upload your video.

You're not going to ever have a chance to win a free vacation as easy as this again, and that's why you love Diet.com so much right? We give you the real deal :) Good luck and if you have any questions about web video feel free to ask.

Here is another link with all the details you need!

Oct 19, 2007

Oprah Reassures Us That It's Not Her Fault She Gains Weight

Everything Oprah touches, it turns to gold right? Well, not the cookies at least. As it turns out, O is claiming that it's not her fault for her recent weight gain of about 20 pounds. In the most recent issue of her magazine, she writes that she is dealing with hypothyroidism. No offense of anything, obviously Oprah has a really slow metabolism. Right?

"My body was turning on me," she wrote. "First hyperthyroidism, which sped up my metabolism and left me unable to sleep for days. (Most people lose weight. I didn't.) Then hypothyroidism, which slowed down my metabolism and made me want to sleep all the time."

Problems involving you thyroid have a direct effect on your metabolism if you are not familiar with it. Often time people who have problems involving their thyroid do not know it or it diagnosed very late in life. However, it is very easy to check for thyroid problems through simple blood tests. If you are getting your cholesterol checked, your doctor can use the same blood sample, just ask to be tested.

Now for my diva input. I feel for Oprah, really I do. My mother has a hypoactive thyroid, and when she should be losing weight with regular exercise and diet, it's much harder for her than someone like myself. However, I'm also 30 years younger. I think Oprah places so much emphasis on her diet and exercise that the public constantly looks to see how she is doing. It's her own personal life long battle. She will forever be a Yo-Yo dieter. She has so much money, and since she cannot keep off the pounds with personal trainers, chef's, all the plastic surgery she could ever want, etc... it seems kinda important for her to give us an explanation.

"If Oprah can't lose weight, what chance do I have?" some people may ask themselves. Well, Oprah has a thyroid problem, that's why. I think it's a silly excuse for her recent weight gain (which I did not, and still DO not notice). Is she trying to bring herself down to a level that her viewers can relate to because they can't relate to her on any other level?

Eating disorders, drug problems, rehab, medical conditions... celebrities seem to know how to garner publicity, and I'm sorry but I think this is just one of those for Oprah. Call me out, if you think I'm being too harsh, but let's face the fact: A lot of overweight people have thyroid problems. Oprah is not the first or the only one, so why is the media treating it like it's some epidemic.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout out to two of my friends in college who have hyperactive thyroids. If you don't have a friend with one, don't go looking for them. Cher and Caitlin are two of my favorite people in the entire world, however they can eat everything and anything they want, have WAY too much energy all the time and are a blast to hang out with. Cher used to bring extra large M&M bags to class and eat them through the lecture. After we'd go to starbucks and she would get a frappaccino and some cookie brownie thing. She one day decided to cut out pizza from her diet. She dropped 5 pounds in 5 days. Caitlin, would only eat bagels, pizza, chicken wings, and Joey Bags (A buffalo chicken cheese steak sub from Freddy's on Main Street) our senior year. She lost weight. Sounds awesome right? Not so much. One has to take an extremely expensive prescription every day. One has mini heart attacks in which her heart beats way too fast. There are many other issues that go along with their hyperactive thyroids that I am not familiar enough with to tell you all about, but thyroid problems, if detected, can be managed like most medical conditions.

By the way, Cher and Caitlin are both extremely skinny if you couldn't tell.

Oct 15, 2007

I wont tickets to the Red Sox, Lindsay Lohan Needs a Bra

What an amazing weekend! I almost feel like a local celebrity... not quite but perhaps. As most of you know, I am a die hard Boston sports fan. This weekend consisted of Red Sox, Red Sox and a grand finale of the Patriots destroying the Cowboys. On Friday night, I enjoyed hanging out with various pitchers from both the Red Sox and Indians after the game at Game On. I will not reveal their names, but they were cute, young and single.

Then on Saturday for Game 2 of the ALCS, of course I wanted to go back to Game On, but the line was ridiculous. Instead, we headed over to Tequila Rain, or as I like to call it, "Spring Break 365 Days a year, or an acceptable place to watch the sox game when the Cask and Game On have lines wrapped around the block."

Being the Diet Diva that I am (or am not) I was drinking water. Unbeknownst to me, WBCN, a local radio station, and Budweiser were having a promotion, and giving away tickets to the game. The MC, immediately started making fun of me because I was the only person in the house drinking water. I was also in the front row waiting for a table. Long story short, since I was a good sport and basically carried the MC's act, he let me be a finalist in the running for the tickets. Well, guess who knew the trivia answer to the trivia question! You got it! I wont ticket to the game Saturday night at 7:20 pm. The game started at 8! My sister and I headed over the Pro Shop and bought our selves some warm clothing for the game that would go until 2 AM! So much fun. There were people at the park yelling my name that recognized me from Tequila Rain (They all probably hated me, because I totally did not deserve to win the tickets), but kinda cool in the same way. Lastly, I ate more pizza at the game than I think I've eaten in the past 2 months combined. Hey, at least I didn't eat 4 Fenway franks... those things have 170 calories each, which actually doesn't seem that bad. Hmmm, I didn't make the best decision now did I?

On another note, Lilly Allen looks like she has lost a few pounds. Guess all that smack she was talking a couple months actually got to her, and she felt the pressure to cave in to the Hollywood standard. Too bad, but am I suprised? Not at all.

L.Lohan is out of rehab. She doesn't look like she has lost any weight, but her boobs look saggy. Why not wear a bra linds? I call this look the Mrs. Weiner. She was a teacher in the sixth grade at my middle school and we used to think that she didn't wear a bra, but her pants would be so high, that she would use a belt and tuck her shirt in, she she really didn't need a bra. Her boobs looked they hung over her pants. Mrs. Weiner was ancient back then, Lindsay is young and should be wearing a bra.

Anyone else have a super exciting weekend? There are going to be pick up online with me winning the tickets but I can't seem to find them, grrrr.

Oct 8, 2007

A Little Photoshop Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

We all know that the covers of MANY magazines are photoshopped. The most recent are blatant example is probably Faith Hill's RedBook cover. Now one of my favorite magazines, Self, is claiming that they retouch their photo's to make their models appear heavier and healthier!

“Retouching should be like wearing light makeup, not to the point where you can’t recognize the girl anymore,” says Self art director Petra Kobayashi. “We retouch to make the models look bigger, healthier.”

Ok, is it me or is this totally contradicting what this magazine claims to believe in? Self promotes a healthy body image, achieved through a healthy diet and exercise. Why can't they just get a model or an athlete that eats and works out? Is it really necessary to get a celebrity who is unrealistically skinny to sell magazines claiming that the celebrity lives a healthy lifestyle when it's all just a bunch of hogwash!? I never believe the workouts or the diets these magazines report, but tI did believe the pictures were real. The media is really turning me into a pessimist these days.

Oct 5, 2007

Brittany Snow admits Anorexia, Mariah Carey drops 25 lbs!

Who is the latest celebrity to admit to having an eating disorder? You'll never guess who else she outs!

Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. Things have been super busy for us at Diet.com. Finally it's Friday and I could use a serious long weekend! I am anti-columbus day, but hey, I'll take the day off from work. Any way, here is what you all have missed in celebrities and diet while I've been away.

-Brittney Snow is speaking out about her stint with anorexia in this weeks People magazine. Dropping down to as low at 87 pounds by age 14, Snow is now reaching out to other women with eating disorders. She appears in an educational video for the Jed Foundation, which brings awareness about mental health disorders and suicide in college students. Snow says it makes her upset that people think she is appearing in the video for publicity, which is often what it looks like when celebrities come out admitting a problem like an eating disorder. Here is the paragraph that was most eye opening for me:
The therapist diagnosed me with anorexia, exercise bulimia- instead of throwing up you go to the gym for hours-depression and body dysmorphia. All that, and yet I still had a career! It's shocking how many people in the business have great careers and this too, and don't talk about it. It's that drive and perfectionism.
-People Magazine
I find it interesting that she basically calls out other celebrities who have eating disorders saying, you can have problems, and people notice but still deny and live a successful career. Angelina, anyone?

-Mariah Carey is reporting that she has lost 25 pounds in this weeks Issue of OK! Magazine which I am protesting so I do not know the details. If you have read the article post her "diet and exercise" here. I highly doubt it is acurate, but entertaining none the less. PS I am boycotting OK! because I do not believe that Bridget Moynahan's baby is growing up without a Daddy. As a Tom Brady fanatic, let's be serious here. He is going to love that child, he is just in the middle of his best career start ever. If Bridget lived in Boston, Tom would be with his son everyweek. So while you aren't working Bridget, why don't you move back to your home state where your entire family lives! Stop being selfish and media hungry.

-And finally, please don't click here if you are the sensitive type. Two bloggers acknowleged the fact that eating disorders drive traffic to their website so they decided to try taking Alli even though they did not need it. The two self proclaimed alcohol loving ladies document their experience which may or not make you laugh. I kind of just think they are wasting money and time but whatever. What do you guys think?