Apr 27, 2009

I Want My Bikini Body Workout

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Get in shape with Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters in this bikini body workout video. This fitness routine is quick, simple and great while traveling.

Apr 17, 2009

Baywatch Body Beach Workout

The Baywatch Body Beach Workout is a total body workout, that combines cardio with strength training. Join Katrina as she puts fitness model Karena through a beach fitness routine.

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Apr 16, 2009

Scarlett Johansson slams tabloids on celebrity diet and fitness reports

When the weather gets warm, celebrity magazines start using more diet headlines to grab potential readers' attention. It's a tactic that is used without fail each bikini season. However, I have always been reluctant to believe what these magazines report. Scarlett Johannsen finally spoke up this week, proving my intuition was right.

Johannsen wrote a peice for the Huffington Post this week titled, "The Skinny," refuting claims that she has taken up some sort of extreme diet and exercise routine to get into "superhero shape."

Claims have been made that I've been on a strict workout routine regulated by co-stars, whipped into shape by trainers I've never met, eating sprouted grains I can't pronounce and ultimately losing 14 pounds off my 5'3" frame. Losing 14 pounds out of necessity in order to live a healthier life is a huge victory. I'm a petite person to begin with, so the idea of my losing this amount of weight is utter lunacy. If I were to lose 14 pounds, I'd have to part with both arms. And a foot.

She goes on to say that she is "frustrated with the irresponsibility of the tabloid media" and that it's "reckless and dangerous" for publications to sell stories telling of crash diets or miracle workout that are completely fabricated. Scarlett has always been and advocate for healthy body image and this article is very well written and totally worth reading to your daughter or sharing with friends.

I asked celebrity trainer Valerie Water (who has trained Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel) whether or not tabloid stories are ever truthful when talking about a celebrity weight loss or fitness program. She said that usually when there is a magazine spread, the entire workout cannot be included as the result of page space.

For a real account of what it takes to look like Scarlet Johannsen from the horses mouth she says that when she is working, her workout and diet regimens are very different. Something that we don't notice because when she's not in films, we only see her pictures in magazines where they usually use photoshop.

Once filming is completed, I'll no longer need to rehash the 50 ways to lift a dumbbell, but I'll commit to working out at least 30 minutes a day and eating a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins.

I was relieved that her workout and diet seemed normal and attainable for normal people.

Eating healthy and getting fit is about commitment, determination, consistency and the dedication to self-preservation. While I've never been considered a gym rat, I have, in fact, worked up a sweat in the name of cardio before, and although I enjoy a grilled cheese as much as the next person, I combine the not-so-good foods I crave with an all-around balanced diet.

And before you go on to say, "If I had a personal trainer, I'd look that good too," Scarlet has one last bit of advice for you:

Pull ups, crunches, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, planks, walking, jogging and push ups are all exercises that can be performed without fancy trainers or gym memberships. I've realized through this process that no matter how busy my life may be, I feel better when I take a little time to focus on staying active.

Apr 10, 2009

Run 5K, Lose Weight, Get Involved In Your Community

Looking for some motivation to workout? Start training for a 5K! If it sounds daunting, it's actually a social workout with a set time and place for only 3.14 miles. Pick a favorite charity, raise money, and get training. It's a self-less act, but the benefits will have you on track to earning your best body yet.

Say Goodbye To Excuses
Accountability is a proven weight loss motivational factor. When you sign up, you commit yourself and money. Most races cost between $15-$50 dollars. Many will ask you to raise money for a charity. Now you have an entire organization and anyone who donates to your total relying on your ability to finish a mini race. When you get home from a long day at work, going for a run may not be your first choice of activities to partake in but the gut wrenching feeling of crawling over the finishing line because you didn't train adequately is enough to put on your sneakers and get in some calorie burning cardio.

Give Back While Doing Your Body Good

Have you been longing for something more? When I graduated college, I no longer had to put in community service time with my sorority and dropped off the bandwagon of giving back to my community. It seemed like all I did was go to work, go to the gym, eat, drink and sleep. It's a mindless circle many recent recent grads fall into. Signing up for a race will allow you to meet new people, help out a good cause, and improve your own overall health. If you're looking to lose weight, it's a great way to mix up your routine.

Need more reasons to do it?
I am an Aries and love competition. I miss the rush from High School sports. Even in college, my sorority would compete in dance shows, kickball, powder puff, etc. I love the feeling of being a part of a team or even better, winning. Most of us probably will never win the races we enter, but accomplishment is so much more rewarding in the long run.
You also get fun gifts like T-Shirts, water bottles and ribbons. Did I say fun gifts? I meant clutter... Kidding, it's a workout shirt to wear to the gym and intimidate the person on the treadmill next to you.
Also, many organizations plan BBQ's, picnics, and beer festivals for after the races. Surprisingly many beer companies like Harpoon and Michelob Ultra actually sponsor the 5K's and the parties afterward.

Have I convinced you yet to start training? Find out how to prepare for the big race in the video below.

Check out these sites to find a race that's perfect for you!
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