Nov 23, 2007

Post-Thanksgiving Workout For Couch Potatoes

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Here is a fun workout that hardly requires you to move from your couch that I got in an e-mail from everyone's favorite daily newsletter (except mine, I think it's boring and useless), Daily Candy.

Mashed Potato March: March in place for three to five minutes.

Set 1
Turkey Trot: Walk down the stairs and run back up. (If you don’t have stairs, do twenty jumping jacks.)
Cranberry Curls: Fifteen bicep curls with any canned food (no, not the empties).
Couch Potato Crunches: Sitting upright on the couch, raise and lower legs together twenty times.
Repeat the entire set three times.

Set 2
Knobbly Knees: Raise each knee as high as you can while pulling down your arms. Twenty times per leg.
Groovy Gravy Dips: Ten tricep dips using the coffee table as support.
Shoulder Squash: Twenty shoulder presses with a canned food item.
Repeat the entire set three times.

Set 3
Leftover Lazy Abs: Lay on the floor holding any leftover pie (we prefer pumpkin, you know, for heft). Lower pie to the ground above your head and raise back up above chest twenty times.
Popover Push-Ups: A dozen push-ups from toes or knees.
Turkey Tush Tighteners: Kneel on all fours, extend right leg back, then bring knee to chest. Twenty times per side.
Repeat the entire set three times.

Dramatic Dessert: Fake jump rope in place for two minutes.

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