Nov 26, 2007

My Thanksgiving of Exercise and Food

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, the beginning to maybe the longest week in a long time. I hope everyone had a fantastic Turkey Day filled with indulgence, family and fun. I think for once, I actually practiced what preach on this fat holiday.

Yes, I woke up early at my mom's house in Cape Cod and was dragged by her to an aerobics class. I hate aerobics. Step, high knees, lift knees, I don't know or care but just give me a treadmill and I'm good. However, my mother promised me that this class called "Willpower and Grace" was a mix of cardio, Yoga and Pilates. Well, that sounded delightful. My friend's mother was teaching the class so I figured I'd say hi and get a sweat before eating too much. It was a little too aerobics for me, but I enjoyed the yoga-pilates part because it was done with a faster tempo.

Afterwards, I went down to the beach (It was 60 degrees out!) to meet up with my friend Elizabeth to go for a walk. Instead of exercising we had a photoshoot in our workout clothes and climbed the jetty to the end, not much walking. After all this, I felt I had justified my right to eat what I wanted for lunch/dinner!

For appetizers, I had shrimp cocktail. When it was time for the main meal, my mother set it up like a buffet. The first items to choose from went completely against my blog I wrote on Wednesday. I wrote about how to fill your plate first with turkey and veggies, then the other stuff. The other stuff was first, so like the youngest child I am, I went backwards down the buffet line. Anyway, I ate what I wanted. I didn't really hold back at all, but I didn't have any alcohol. How did everyone else do? Did anyone hold back and now regretting passing it up?

I had my High School Reunion as well. Awkward but fun nevertheless. I did drink alcohol at that!

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