Nov 6, 2007

Jessica Simpson Wants A Boston Boy, Gains Some Weight too

Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and Heidi Klum came out last night for the 11th annual Accessories Council Excellence Awards (ACE) in New York City last night. Never heard of it? Me neither, apparently this council was created in 1996 to honor individuals and groups that raised the awareness of the accessories industry. Was this really necessary? No. I would think they would want Lohan or Richie because those girls do not go anywhere without a million bracelets, necklaces, head scarfs, bags and sunglasses on at any given time. Anyway, J.Simp seems to be enjoying her time off from work. She is still in great shape, but seems to have gained a few pounds since the last time we saw her running around in tight t-shirts and bootcut jeans. She sure seems to be a Yo-Yo dieter. What happened to the 5-factor?

Jessica also told Extra that she is looking for a Boston boy. Step away, J.Simp, step awaaaay. Just because they won the World Series, TOM BRADY, yeah we have the rights to Ben Affleck, Mark Walberg, John Krasinski, and a bunch of other cuties, doesn't mean they want ANYTHING to do with a media hungry texan like yourself. She said they were the next thing closest to a southern boy. Well hunny, let me tell you, you have got your facts backwards... Boston boys are nothing like southern gentlemen, unless that's just an old saying. We may have the spotlight right now (cough cough, Sports Capital of America or Reebok Nation, that's a joke) but our men are nothing like southern gentelmen and the cute ones aren't from here or don't live here. We don't want your cougar ass here looking for your next victim.

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