Mar 16, 2010

How To Get Skinny Looking Legs

This is my favorite leg slimming pilates exercise that you can do at home! You do not need a gym or any equipment! Find out how you can get skinny looking legs with this simple workout.

Dec 30, 2009

How I lost 25% of my body fat!

Looking to lose weight fast or lose weight the healthy way? How about both! Find out how I recently lost fat and toned up with the help of a personal trainer.

You guys ask me for advice a lot and I don't really have the credentials to give it out, but here is a look at what I do and have done to lose weight this holiday season. It's not meant to be an ad so I'm sorry if it seems that way. I used the Body Evolver software at Revolution Fitness and was not paid to do so. There are no gimmicks about this video, i SWEAR, which is why it's on this channel :)

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Dec 2, 2009

How many pushups can you do in a minute?

Today at the gym we did some sit up challenges and a push up challenge to see how many pushups I could do in one minute.