Dec 18, 2007

Tara Reid Gets Drunk and Gets A Boo Boo, plus Gossip from The Hills!

Apparently after quite some time away from the eye of the paparazzi Tara Reid has stepped out in bathing suit to reveal her skeleton. The yo-yo dieter seems to have shrunk down to her tiniest size ever.

These pictures were posted over the internet the past few days. Today there is an article in the NY Daily News saying she like, fell over or something in Indonesia. The actress suffered a few cuts and bruises while out partying in Bali. Perhaps her old ways have not changed and she has yet to adjust her drinking habits with her new weight? Lay off the booze Tara.

What does she do these days anyway?

FABULOUS GOSSIP OF THE DAY: There are rumors that Kristin Cavalerri may join the cast of The Hills next season. THEY better do this. If they do not, ratings for the hills are going to plummet with the news in regards to the plotting of the story lines. Is it real you wonder? NO! What reality shows have a problem every episode that is sort of resolved by the end of the 30 minutes, but still has an underlying story line all season that is resolved in the season finale?! If Kristin join, A) we know it's fake, and B) I will watch again, and watch with pleasure. TEAM KRISTIN!

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