Dec 12, 2007

The Biggest Loser Recap: And then there were four

The Biggest Loser has finally narrowed down the pool to the remaining 4 contestants. Since when did this show become about alliances and team strategy? I mean the remaining contestants are all from the black team. Does this mean Jillian is the best trainer when it comes to shedding pounds?

Also, can you believe that the final four were almost sent packing during episode 1? I guess the captains chose wisely because they picked their biggest threats, or did they?

I'm so confused now about this show. I know no one does it really for the money, but I don't think people should be getting voted off at all. It should be who ever has the biggest weight loss TOTAL at the end. None of this week by week stuff. People have fluctuations, water retaining... What did you guys think?

Who do you want to win? Who do you think should have won?

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FINAL TO SEE WHAT EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE! Also, who knew that Neil was only 25 years old!!!!????

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