Dec 21, 2007

Queen Latifah Is The New Jenny Craig Spokeswomen To Promote Health

Queen Latifah not too long ago was on the cover of People magazine embracing her curvaceous 200-pound body. I questioned the truth behind the headline.

Here is a snip it from my blog:
First, the headline is "200 LBS & Loving It!" Sure she's smiling on the cover, but when she sees what they put as the headline I doubt she will be for much longer... Seriously, I ask myself, is any woman truely loving the fact that they weigh over 200 lbs? It's to say, but does she actually feel that way? Good for her. All the power to her, but I'm thinking People magazine just wrote that as the headline and those exact words never left her tongue.

Next, I turn to read the article. "Making It Big." Seriously, I'm not joking. Was this suppose to be a pun INTENDED? In the article, Latifah won't even admit her actual weight (she says its in the 200's) but yet she is extremely happy to be there? Ahh... then why not tell us. If I feel comfortable the way I look, like when I'm exercising alot and toned, I always tell people what I weigh. In the winter when I pack on the pounds, not so much.

Well, this week guess who became the latest celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig? Yes the one and only Queen Latifah! Apparently she wasn't 200 lbs and loving it if she's going to join the ranks of Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli. The twosome are constantly in the media checking in on how much they have LOST, not maintained.

Here is what the press release suggested:
The Hairspray star, who has consistently celebrated her plus-size figure over the years (including a recent PEOPLE cover story), will have a “very different campaign, focused on a healthier lifestyle, not on getting onto a specific dress size,” says Parker.

If I'm correct a diet is suppose to make you lose weight right? Why would anyone sign up for Jenny Craig to just maintain their weight? I wouldn't exactly call Jenny Craig a lifestyle unless you plan on eating frozen meals in a red box for the rest of your life.

What do you guys think?

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