Dec 12, 2007

American Women More Beautiful Than British?

In todays world, it seems we can't away from the bashing of Americans (unless you choose not read about it). However, I found this little gem of an article while reading my favorite British site, The Daily Mail.
This is so unfair, but England's Amy Winehouse...
American Cameron Diaz...
Why can't British women get a man?
Because they are overweight, unkempt and lazy about grooming, says a screenwriter who's made it his business to date women on both sides of the Atlantic.
American-born Tad Safran - who spends his time in London and Los Angeles - says English women are stunning natural beauties when young, but they fail to rise to the challenge as they age and need to make more of an effort.
He complains that they don't take enough care of their appearance and fitness, and drink and eat too much.
When it comes to beauty, American women win hands down.
[The Daily Mail]

This guys thinks American women spend $715 on beauty maintenance a month, and an additional $1,000 on physical conditioning (like gym membership, yoga class, etc.) I hate to break it to you brittish guy, but not all american women do this. Maybe in Hollywood where he spends half his time (the other half in England) but if he is making these statements based on living in La La land, you have the female population in the states kind of wrong.

Yes, I am flattered that you think I work out more than my counterparts across the seas but I wouldn't say I Hollywood narcisists represent our entire country. The Brittish guy then tells a story which I find HILARIOUS...

Safran cites a recent dinner with his friend and his wife, who invited along a face from the past, named 'Sophie' to protect her real name.

Safran was friends with 'Sophie' 15 years ago and considered her a "truly beautiful" girl and was pleased when his friend's wife told him she hadn't changed at all and "still had the body of a 20-year-old".

However, Safran insists he was horrified by 'Sophie's current appearance, declaring if she did have the body of a 20-year-old, it was "dismembered in her freezer at home. She certainly didn't have it on her skeleton".

Safran was umimpressed with Sophie's presentation. He said: "'Sophie' tumbled into the house looking like a refugee from Hurricane Katrina. She smelt like the R&D lab at Philip Morris. Her outfit was about as sexy as half-pound of ground meat."

His shock continued when 'Sophie' tucked into a hearty meal of Shepherd's pie, which according to Safran, "no self-respecting American girl consumes carbohydrates after 2pm".

Really? We don't?

Lastly he says that, "He blames the failures of British women on friends not being honest with each other over their appearance, and mothers who do not teach women how to look after themselves. In America, women start going to spas in childhood."

I didn't go to a spa until I was... oh wait, I have never been. I have gotten the occasional massage (2 actually), and did get my nails done in high school a few times a year, but the Hot Nails in my hometown mall hardly counts as a spa.

The conclusion of this article really should be, "The world is delusional about the lives of American women." What people around the world perceive Americans as is so far off from reality is humorous. I started out the blog by generalizing the news around the world as American Bashers, with a small innuendo towards the notion that American women 1, British women 0. Now, I'm back to my initial feeling. The world hates Americans and thinks we are completely materialistic and self absorbed. Thanks but no thanks Daily Mail. A good fact check would help this article as to how much time American women take to get ready in the morning, spend on average working out, and money spent on appearance.


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Didi said...

I'm neither American nor British, but I think people (ergo women) are equally diverse all around the place.
Also, I've heard that both American and British women are very plain (in fact the real words are ugly and uninterestingly looking) and unattractive, and fat and dumb - the average ones - ... Everybody says that. But people say a lot of things. And I'm not likely to believe that every American or British woman is so unbelievably ugly and obese or has such boring looks and poor intelligence... ALTHOUGH such belief is flattering to me, because it's usually followed in order to express how great WE are (the women from where I am) :)
Anyway, my point is that there's no point having the argument. :) There are divinely beautiful American women and stunning British ones too... I'm not saying there are no basic differences between them, I'm saying it's all too relative to make any conclusions :)

Wyatt said...

So, Didi... Which AMAZING country do you come from?

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