Dec 12, 2007

American Women Don't Eat Carbs after 2 pm, Madonna Sucks, Biggest Loser Final Four

Today in celebrity and diet news, we report that Madonna is a mean girl, some British guy wishes the women in England were more like females in the U.S. and The Biggestest Loser becomes a game of weight loss AND strategy.

-Some Brittish Guy told The Dail Mail that he thinks American women do not eat carbs after 2 pm and are betting looking than British females. We think he is delusional and has made a generalization about American women from the ones that live in Hollywood... because none of us have anything better to do than look pretty right?

-If Yoga promoted zen and peacefulness then what the heck has Madonna been doing all these years? If you find yourself going to Yoga early in the AM on a Saturday, make sure Madonna is not in town. She reportedly kicked out an entire Yoga class, including the instructor this weekend in NYC!

-And lastly, find out who got the boot from last nights episode of The Biggest Loser. Additionally, how old do you think Neil is? I bet you're going to be WAY off!

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