Dec 26, 2007

Holiday Headlines From Celebrities and Diet

Hope everyone had a happy holiday! While you were doing last minute shopping and baking some cookies, celebrities were out in full force making ridiculous headlines. Here is a quick recap of the best (relating to diet and fitness of course!(;

-Self absorbed Tyra Banks threw her workers a lame Christmas party in New York City at Lower East Side dive bar. Reportedly the workers drank themselves silly because Tyra did not serve any food. The show recently relocated from LA to NYC. According to Janet Charlton,
Tyra arrived for a brief stop, looking like a million bucks, and said she was on her way to Italy. Before she left, she told them "I want to thank you guys for working so hard- - I have a special guest - here's Santa!" Everybody ran to Santa's big bag and found it was full of limp McDonald's cheeseburgers! Employees got cheeseburgers for Christmas! (Our source isn't sure if the higher-ups got private bonuses but the everyday people didn't.) Staffers tore open their burgers, hoping for gift certificates. Nothing.

I love how Tyra Banks had this whole girl power "Fat Ass" thing this past year and then she goes and buys her staffers McD's burgers... Just because it may be her favorite fast food joint doesn't mean the rest of her coworkers love a Big Mac. I think Tyra needs a lesson in generosity from her idol Oprah.

-The best headline of the long holiday weekend was from Us Weekly who reported an LC/Heidi Dance off! Haha. For those who are not familiar with the two names, these are the two leading ladies of hit "reality" show The Hills. While most of us were packing on the extra lb's at Holiday Parties, these two were dancing the night away burning off the extra cookies. If you read the article though it's not really a dance off.

-Lastly, my mother was given Skinny Bitch (the book) for Christmas. Anyone else receive this little gem? Seriously though, I find it ridiculous that a former modeling agent and a model who hold a masters in holistic nutrition (or something) are qualified to give such advice to millions of women. I've written about this book before but had never actually read any of the chapters. Knowing it's a PR campaign for veganism, I never had any interest. Why go there if you don't have to right? First, in my opinion the book if for women who are probably already very thin and already obsessed with eating healthy. If you are seriously overweight, this is NOT the book for you. The diet plan is WAY too extreme for the ordinary Jane who wants to lose 30 lbs. They recommend to only eat when you are starving, including a ridiculous comment that says something like, "you will love the way it feels when your stomach is empty." Isn't this like pro-anna stuff? Anyway, if you do this, most likely you will over eat. They also recommend eating only fruit for breakfast, and not too early. Again they suggest to wait until later in the morning when you are starving. This is because they believe your body needs to finish it's sleepy time cleansing or something, and eating too early may disrupt the finishing touches.

I know many of you are big fans of the biggest loser (no pun intended). Recently the top four finalists revealed what some of the biggest changes they made to their diet were. Here is what Julie (97 lbs lost) said:
“Eat breakfast. When the doctors met with us, they told us that the only thing all 18 of us had in common was that we never ate breakfast. We never got our metabolism started at the beginning of the day, and by lunchtime we were starving.”

And why people are still buying this advice?

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