Dec 5, 2007

Lauren Conrad: Hard Worker or Hardly Works Out?

LC has a killer bod according to the cover of Shape Magazine, which is also known for it's FABULOUS photoshopping skills. When I saw the that LC was going to be featured I was so excited because I have written about her "workouts" before, and I couldn't wait too see what BS she was going to reveal to us now.

I am writing this paragraph before I read the article FYI: I predict she will say she doesn't diet. Eat's what she wants. Loves to go for long hikes in the Hills of Hollywood and works out like 3-4 days a week if she has time. She is soooo busy.

Ok, now I read!

Ok well, the entire article isn't online yet, and I don't have a copy in my hands so I will just have to settle with this little review I found at

The Hills star Lauren Conrad shows off her bikini body in the upcoming January 2008 issue of Shape Magazine. In the issue, Lauren shares her workout secrets: twice-a-week weight training, running and kickboxing, along with a fish-and-veggie-friendly diet. “I used to love fast food,” Lauren, 21, admits. “Now I eat six small meals a day consisting mostly of fish, beans, and other protein, along with veggies.”

How ridic photoshopped is this?
Ok so she does diet, and she doesn't really work out. I stand corrected LC.

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