Dec 17, 2007

Britney aka Unfitney has a new music video from her most recent album, appropriately titled "Black out." However, instead of losing weight in an unhealthy fashion like most celebrities would do, she didn't have to diet for one minute to get a hot bod. How you ask? Simply by having a little photoshop magic do the slimming for her.

MTV debuted the music video "Piece of Me," on Friday night (Dec 14th) at 11 PM. Then Saturday the 15th around 10 AM, Perez Hilton (my least favorite blogger) posted a link to view some footage from the music video with a Britney who looked much larger than the empty eyed blonde who seemed quite svelte in the final version of the video.

As a former die-hard spears fan, I almost found myself brought to tears watching this. I legit like the cd. I like her music. It's fun to get ready to before going out for the night. However, when I listen to it, I have to make a mental note that the singer is not the same person I see on the tv every night between 7 and 8 PM. She is seriously going to kill herself.

The video looks like they didn't even hire a choreographer, and this is a song that could be (could have been?) a major club hit! She looks like I did in a home video of a ballet recital. I just went up on stage and made up my dance as I went along. Here and there I knew I wanted to leap, but no I didn't really have a game plan. I think this is what Britney did. I was in first grade. She might be on too many drugs. She just had an empty look on her eyes.

DIET TALK: Why didn't Brit at least attempt to lift a few weights before the shoot? Two pilates classes will give you stomach a little definition if your the least bit in shape. Also, why does she keep insisting on wearing next to nothing? If she is insecure about her weight, then wear a shirt that covers your bellybutton! Seriously, I don't wear shirts like that nor do I own one. If she wants to edit her video to look slimmer, just wear slimming clothes. We have long been aware of how Magazine covers lie to us with photoshop but now we have learned that they can even photoshop videos! I didn't know this and I work in the video editing department. What do guys think? Makes you wonder if anyone else has been photoshopped. Body doubles we know exist. Remember Julia Roberts' legs in pretty women? So weird and freaky that this is done. I suppose if I could photoshop every picture of myself I would too, but then again I'm sort of lying to myself about what I actually look like.

In college as a communication major, we learned why people lie as well as why lying isn't always a bad thing. One reason is to save face. This means basically that we lie to protect ourselves

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