Jan 7, 2008

You Tube Users As Delusional As Britney Spears

I write about celebrities and their diets on my blog at Diet.com. I try to tackle the issue as light heartedly as possible but I do enjoy adding my 2 cents every now and again. Seriously though, in the year 2006 celebrities were scrutinized for being way too skinny. They have all gained back that weight for one reason or another.

In the start of 2007 we had the Tyra scandal where pictures were taken of her in a very unflattering bathing suit down in Aussie land. She fired back at the media and paparazzi. Similarly Jessica Simpson was critiqued, as well as Jennifer Love Hewitt.

I poked fun at the situations because let’s face it, they are celebrities and want the attention. If they are going to famous for their trade that is famous for being harsh on starlet weigh gain they should be able to handle the pressure and attention.

However, I produce videos for a diet website. I am a healthy weight, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not overweight by any medical standard. I am in many of the videos I produce for Diet.com, and recently one of my videos started more than usual negative comments regarding my own appearance. The fact that these typical people are being so critical of my appearance, really makes you think, “Is it the media or the Hollywood producers that place this thinness pressure on women in our society?” Apparently everyone is a critic and the producers in Hollywood are just giving the American people what they want.

If I was Tyra Banks I would say kiss my fat ass, but I really don’t think I have a fat ass…maybe a little bootlicious but really? I’m fat? Am I suppose to lose weight for the audience of YouTube?

Here are the usernames and comments written under my video.
To watch my video and read the comments yourself, CLICK HERE!

From user name GoGouTube,
“fat ppl are so annoying. ultimate tip to lose weight: eat less. it's strange because this host is tubby. i would never take advice from her!”
You Tube member Paraz1tul says,
“If you are gonna tell people how to loose weight you should loose your weight first before trying to make money off other people loosing their weight.”

CocolutoBeans 20 yrs old,
“Why are you chubby? You're not encouraging me.
I'm going to eat some hot dogs and a bucket of haagen dazs.”

BroProductions2008, a 17 yr old male from Canada said,
“who tha fuk duz she think she iz saying ppl cant lose weight she should look at herself that fat bitch!”

robbie23m, a 23-year old man from Isreal says,
“Diet tips from a fat girl? Don’t listen to her!!!”

BroProductions2008 again makes a intelligent-less comment,
“lol thank u ur right who tha fuk duz she think she iz.”

Then we have ih4t3l33t which isn’t even a real name, seriously?, says,
“And YOU are not losing weight because you're a fatty who sits and preaches. So YOUR body is fooled into thinking you know everything when really you should be hitting weights at the gym.”
Well ih4t3i33t, I actually get paid to make these videos and I go to the gym 4-6 times a week, run at least 3 miles every time I go, and then on top of that, some times I got twice a day because I film in a gym sometimes. So, while you are watching videos on YouTube, I am working out or getting paid. What are you doing?

Heysteve took the nicer approach by saying,
“she needs to take a lap or 30.”

The best username is by far, Russianfart. He says,
“why is a fat chick talking about this?” I saw, Why is a man whose name is Russian FART watching my diet news?

But apparently Airhendrix91 agrees,
“Tru dat”

Maybe one of my favorite comments is from someone whose name is Gamer (likes to sit around and play videos games) Cartman (The fat character from the cartoon South Park) Ahhh yes, Gamercartman must be a body builder and therefore should probably have something good to say right?
“You Are Fat” Thanks Gamercartman! I would be so lucky if I were to be enlightened with a picture of you!

And lastly I leave with a comment from JoseHernandez16,
“so they get a fat chick to talk bout diets?..”


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