Jan 22, 2008

Las Vegas Not Diet Diva Approved But Super Fun!

Viva Las Vegas! After getting home late last night from my mini vacay in Sin City, I feel like I'm at work in some sort of out-of-body experience. I'm not sure if I'm jet lagged, sleep deprived or coming down with a case of "exhaustion" as the celebs seem to call it.

Here is a run down of my experience in the city that REALLY never sleeps (sorry NYC) as it may pertain to the diet.com users:

1. Lack of sleep may lead to weight gain. Vacationing in Las Vegas, is not exactly a relaxing vacation. It's like Spring Break from College. You need a vacation once you back from vacation to rest and recover. I think I probably got a total of 12 hours of sleep over the course of three nights. However, luckily for me this sleep deprivation is not going to persist. I mean come on, it's Vegas, I had to stay awake and I wouldn't have slept more even if I could.

2. The "strip" is WAY longer than it looks and the hotel are humongous! It was probably at least a half mile to walk from our suite (that housed 10 girls!) to the casino. My friend Ashely and I were pretty anxious to get some food in our bellies one morning and to speed up the walk we raced the moving walkway. We looked silly, but had fun and got a little exercise without really attempting to make any effort. Bring comfortable shoes and you will walk more than you imagined, burning lots of calories!

3. Vegas is NOT Diet Diva approved. Apparently this is a term I came up with when referring to whether an establishment makes ANY attempt at living a healthy lifestyle. AKA, unless you want a $40 entree, getting a healthy meal is pretty hard to come by. The smokey casinos, the never ending drink supply and last sleep makes this vacation one of the top unhealthiest places you can probably go if you are on a budget. If you are willing to spend and minimize your fun, you can go to the ultra expensive slash delicious restaurants for a healthier meal with reasonable sized portions. You can get up an go to the gym in your hotel. Walk around and site see (don't take cabs, and allow yourself more travel time which we did not do). Dance at the clubs all night.

We went to see The Price Is Right (The Vegas Version of the classic game show). It was so fun! The audience was so involved, and had the chance to win lots of prizes. However when guessing how much the products cost, all were really pretty unhealthy. For one challenge, the products were a candy bar, muffin cakes, regular spaghetti and dog food. The only healthy food product that I ACTUALLY buy in a grocery store that was showcased was Egg Beaters. I just thought it was funny and I'm not trying to tell the show to use different products, but I think more people these days are opting for healthy food items rather than junk so chances of guessing the actual price may be a little harder.

4. Celebrities love Vegas and the Diet Diva loves celeb sightings. Here are the few that we saw - Hannah Montana aka. Miley Cyrus, Mike Tyson, The Acrocrobat from Crowned, America Ferrera, Jessica Simpson, AND we were at the same club as Kristin Cavalleri and Matt Leinhart Saturday night at Pure, but did not see them. I am still very sad that I did not know we were in the same club :( I was going to run up to America and tell her I always write about her in my blog but I did not see her again.

At one point, we were at The Bank and I thought I saw J.Simp about 10 times. No, it wasn't the actual one but rather an influx of beautiful women. I felt like a true ugly duckling standing next to all the barbie doll look alikes. The men however reassured me that they did not prefer to talk to them. I was shocked! Two different ones said that if you talk to these girls, they aren't very bright and one even said, "It's really sad." I am not saying all beautiful women that live, work or visit Vegas
are not smart. Quite the opposite actually. I'm only including this because, women's magazine try to get their female audience to believe they must be beautiful to get that man, and how to look perfect via body, hair, and makeup, etc. After speaking with the few men, I realized that they are not as interested in perfect looks as we are lead to believe. So why are we led to believe that what we look like matters so much in accordance with Women's magazine like Cosmo?
Here is a picture from The Bank of me and my roomie Mary, who turned 25 on Friday (ie the reason for the vacay).

5. Lastly, I had so much fun but would not be able to stay there longer than 3 nights. I think two would be enough actually. I'll be back with more celebrity and diet gossip later on!

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