Jan 14, 2008

Healthy Dieting... It's In The Stars

Celebrities are constantly losing weight, gaining weight, toning up and plugging the latest diet programs. They have top trainers and nutrition experts at their finger tips so why wouldn't they know the secrets to looking fabulous? If you read my blog on a regular basis, you know I'm half kidding, there are always new reports on how starlets are getting back in shape and half of the time I believe them, half I don't. Regardless, I always tell you about them.

Here are the celeb do's from Celebrity Shape Ups in 2007:

Nikki Taylor recently lost 11 lbs for her new show on Bravo "Make Me A SuperModel." Admitting to never having to diet in the past, Taylor and her NASCAR hubby have their meals sent them by North Carolina's Racing Edge Fitness meal delivery plan. At first when I read this, I thought that the meal plan was somehow connected to her husbands profession but it turns out the diet plan doesn't really even have a site yet. And it looks to have some sort of race car theme. Weird. She also reportedly eats every two hours and hits the gym three mornings a week for 30 minutes of cardio followed by three sets of leg presses, leg extensions and leg curls (20 reps each).

Kimberly Locke lost 40 lbs this year with the help of Celebrity Fit Club and now dating her trainer from the show. She sticks to a 1,200 calorie-a-day diet. Here is a sample menu of what she eats... Looks alot less than 1200 to me...

* Breakfast- An egg-white omelet
* Snack- Fruit or Jenny Craig cheese curls
* Lunch- Half turkey club sandwich
* Dinner- Fish and veggies

She also stops eating by 7pm and her workout usually includes 30 minutes of elliptical intervals and 30 minutes strength training daily.

Samantha Harris, Dancing With The Stars co-host recently lost all but 4 lbs of her pregnancy weight. She tries to eat every four hours. She sticks to protein filled mini meals like Fage Total Greek Yogurt and PB&J on whole wheat bread. She maintained 4 day a week gym-class routine through most of her pregnancy. Her favorite classes include cardio sculpting and power yoga.

Debi Mazar, everyone's favorite publicist from Entourage lost 80 pregnancy lbs. Her first move was signing up for Fresh Dining, a carb controlled, 5-meal-a-day delivery plan. She worked with a Pilates trainer three times a week for an hour

Leann Rimes recently lost 10 pounds. She sticks to a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet of three protein filled meals (fish or chicken) and fruit. She has up to three snacks (no white flour or sugar). She does circuit training, jumping rope and stair-stepping intervals with her trainers. She also does yoga twice a week.

Lauren Conrad lost 6 lbs and toned up. She eats a 1,500-calorie diet of six daily mini-meals. She also banned carbs, sugar and most dairy. She works out two times a week, weightlifting and treadmill sessions. She also reportedly loves to take hikes in the Hollywood Hills, which I’ve never bought.

Hayden Panettiere was your typical child star who blossomed into a new tabloid addiction this past year so of course she was going to change from the baby faced teenager to the va va voom vixen she’s going to become. She’s a vegetarian and tries to keep carbs and sweets to a minimum. She attends the gym regularly with her L.A. Trainer Jonathan Baron, which we know is true because we always see paparazzi pics of her leaving or goin. She does lots of squats.

Amanda Bynes is someone I didn’t know needed to lose weight or was trying to but she’s apparently on the 5-Factor Diet, or she was paid like J.Simp. She meets with trainer Harley Pasternak up to three times a week for 30 minutes of cardio (the elliptical) and strength training (lunges and leg presses).

Alicia Keys is another celeb I had no idea was trying to lose weight and is doing it with the help of the 5-Factor Diet. She runs regularly. She does 30 minutes of cardio and then quick and powerful strength training.

Hilary Duff: lost a reported 30 lb during the Hollywood skinny craze but she’s now comfortable with her toned healthy bod. She eats a healthy menu of fruit, veggies and lean protein as well as workouts out with four weekly Pilates sessions and swims laps in the pool

Kate Walsh believes in portion control and loves to eat brown rice. She swears by hour long Pilates sessions and 45-minute treadmill runs three times a week.

Cameron Diaz is an avid snowboarder and surfer. She also pays $3,000 to workout with trainer Teddy Bass at The Gym on Nemo in West Hollywood. While filming in South Boston, MA, she reportedly flew him in to the Hub to get her workout in. She does circuit training of lighter weights, high reps, plus 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, five times a week.

Jennifer Garner is the last celeb to get fit after the birth of Violet. She loves circuit training and pilates.

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