Jan 9, 2008

New Years Resolutions Crowd My Gym

I write the article with hesitation. Some of you will agree with me. Some of you will probably ask, "Aren't you suppose to be promoting health lifestyle changes?" Here is my problem:

I do not do AM workouts. I simply can't get my engine running that early. So I choose to go to the gym after work. Yesterday, I left the office around 6:30 PM. Got to the gym to find no where to park except the farthest back lot away, which isn't a bad thing, unless your gym is in a sketchy location that's not well lit. When I got inside, I changed and found the last locker without someone's jacket in it. As I head over to the treadmill section, I see a line. The yearly New Years Resolution Gym crowds. Every year around this time, gym's across the nation accumulate members at exponential rates. And why wouldn't they, after all the number one resolution is related to some weight loss or exercise goal.

If I did not work for Diet.com this is what I would say, "I hate new years resolutions because my gym always gets so crowded and I always have to wait forever to get on a machine."
Since I do work at Diet.com this is what I am saying,
"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
As you all know it is that time of year again, that time when everyone seems to have high expectations for their New Years Resolution goals. If you are new to the gym and can't stand the lines, they will go away within a couple weeks, a month maybe the most don't give up. If you go to the gym regularly and have been for awhile now, the lines will die down and return back to normal.
I am writing this message to the gym owners who don't have enough equipment for the number of members they are bringing in. This message is to the people who never took philosophy in college and are not aware of the ideology "What is good for one, must be good for all." If you have been on a cardio machine for 45 minutes and there is a line, get off! Most gyms have a 30 minute limit when there is a wait. I hate when I walk behind some wicked skinny chick running at 8 mph for an hour. You are holding up the line, if you need to get this long workout in so bad, go when the gym is not that busy (i.e. anytime except after work at most gyms). To the gym owners, you are making BANK on all these resolution people. Pretend it's like a bonus and give back to your faithful members by purchasing better and more pieces of equipment.

I would like to direct this statement at my gym, Gold's Gym. Have you even picked up a women's fitness magazine or watched a fitness video in the past 10 years? Women like to work out but not so much with those big heavy machines. We like balls. Yes women like bosu balls, physio balls, medicine balls. We also like bands and balance boards, and other fun equipment that actually bring variety to our daily regime. My gym has your standard cardio machines and then a million of those stationary weight station thingys.

In conclusion, does anyone else hate this time of year going to the gym? I really can't say that because I should be applauding those who just started working out and encouraging them, and I am, I really am, I just think the gyms could do a better job at making sure people can have an enjoyable workout. Also, please obey they 30 minute rule on cardio machines :) Thank you."


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