Jan 16, 2008

Celebrity Diet Secrets For 2008

Star Health secrets according to People Magazine. People is better known for it’s gossip and celebrity exploits rather than diet tips but here is a sample of what they believe is going to help stars stay looking great in ’08.

They recommend focusing on one new healthy habit each day. Here is a list:

Fergie- Adds Vinegar. Swallows 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar after lunch and dinner.

Ryan Seacrest – Used to be fat! Relies on protein from fish. Eats a big plate of raw fish before live shows of AI.

Eva Longoria – Drink More Water. Takes in 3 liters a day! Drink half your body weight in ounces. So how much does that mean she weighs? Well it means she weighs 200 lbs. I think she drinks her ACTUAL body weight in ounces.

Katherine Heigl – Eat mini meals. She is apparently on the 5 factor diet or at least she is paid to be and eats 5 high protein meals.

Kelly Ozborne – Ban booze. I mean ban booze? Say what? She did? "I stopped doing drugs and drinking," the actress told PEOPLE. "The weight literally dropped off." The reason? "Drinking alcohol is like eating sugar with a spoon," says Pachella. If you can't completely ban booze, indulge in one glass of red wine or a lower-calorie cocktail such as rum-and-Diet Coke.

Alicia Silverstone – Go Veggie! Eat more vegetables. They fill you up because they contain fiber and an added bonus is they provide antioxidants.

Gweneth Paltrow – Drink Green Tea. Do it instead of snacking, increase water intake as well as antioxidants. If you don’t like green, go ahead and try white.

Kirstie Alley – Snack Sugar Free. Not sure about this one, I’ve heard sugar free may make you more hungry. However it does work great for mindless munching like jell-o with cool whip or sugar free popcicles. If your in the mood to just eat and not think about calories, sugar free aint a bad way to go, but be careful because too much will cause gas and bloating.

Jennifer Aniston – Try budukon, it’s a combination of martial arts, yoga, and meditation.

Alicia Keys – Refresh at the spa. Yeah, wouldn’t we all love to just be able to do this? Well, if you can go whenever you need a little time to de-stress then good for you!

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