Sep 5, 2007

Skinny Genes Discovered, Glamour Calls America Ferrera Fat

Glamour pulls a Maria Menounos making America Ferrera seem inadequate. A 105-lb woman downed 173 buffalo wings this weekend to beat a dozen large men in The National Buffalo Wing Eating Contest. And lastly, scientists have discovered an actual Skinny gene. Gasp, I'm shocked!

A 105-pound woman took first place at the National Buffalo Wing Festival this weekend by devouring 173 wings in 12 minutes. Who else feels nauseous or heart burn right now? Sonya Thomas, a competitive eater known as "The Black Widow," was the crowd favorite. She competed against twelve large men for the title, but ended up beating them as well as the festival's previous record of 161 wings in 12 minutes that she set back in 2004.

How does she stay so skinny? Well, MSNBC reports that scientists have discovered that people are born that way. While, we all here at probably already knew this, I guess this is news now that a study has been finalized? Whatever...

"Scientists now say they have discovered the 'skinny' gene. And they’ve found this lucky batch of DNA in a variety of animals, according to a report published Tuesday in the journal Cell Metabolism.
'This gene is in every organism from worms to humans,' says the study’s senior author, Dr. Jonathan Graff, an associate professor of developmental biology and internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 'We all have it. It's very striking.' Graff and his colleagues had been hunting for a gene that might naturally keep people thin. Eventually, they turned up a promising candidate in a gene that controls fat formation." -MSNBC

Apparently a similar study was done over 50 years ago by a Yale student, but was not looked at again until now. It's an exciting look into the future science of weight management. However, I do not think that a magic pill will appear anytime soon, it is weird to think about the future of diet and exercise. I think it's also interesting because when you see Hollywood celebrities look awkwardly skinny (Nicole Richie) or just are skinny (Like Keira Knightly) you now know it is possible that they may just be naturally skinny and have no disorders at all. It also creates an excuse for people who have eating disorders to just say, "I was born like this." And lastly, it also acknowledges that some people who are overweight/too skinny, do not hold the key to health right in the palm of their hand but rather it is a gene and not exactly easy to control naturally.

America Ferrera is known for her curves and embraces them. She knows she does not have this "skinny gene" and so she embraces a healthy lifestyle and looks fabulous. This month she will grace the cover of Glamour magazine. Of course she is photoshopped, swindling her curves into looking like someone she is not. Surprise! She’s a bombshell (and you can be one too) is the title of the accompanying article. So basically Glamour wants us to know that we can be a bombshell too if we a photoshopped, and that in fact it's suprising that a bigger woman in Hollywood is hot. Weird, no?

Instead of my usual rants, you should read this blog posted by Guanabee. Titled "Glamour Asks America Ferrera What It's Like To Be Fat" the article cracks jokes at how un-PC the magazines article is.
"How in the world is America Ferrera making it in Hollywood despite not being white or thin? That is the question Glamour seeks to answer in their latest issue. Sure they call her a bombshell and praise her for being the actress women love, but they also photoshopped the fat out from under her arms, gave her a hip and breast reduction and tanned that hide. As witnessed by the comparison at right to a recent file photo snapped in August.

GLAMOUR: So 11 Emmy nominations for Ugly Betty, two new films in the works. You’re huge!
[Translation: How can you be successful? You’re huge!]
AMERICA FERRERA: What’s crazy is that when opportunities to work come along, they are countered by just as many opportunities to piss it all away. Thank God I’m too busy to say yes.
[Translation: Thank God I’m too Latin to pull a Lindsay Lohan.]
AF: If this is my chance, I’d hate to look back and say I sacrificed it for partying.
[Translation: Unlike Dina Lohan, my mamá would kick my ass.]
GLAMOUR: Have you ever felt limited by your status as a Latina?
[Translation: Have you ever felt you should be cleaning someone’s house?]
AF: …[W]hen I came around with Real Women Have Curves…[w]e screened the film all over the world—in Jewish communities, black communities, Greek communities, German communities— and people across the board said, “That’s my family.”
[Translation: Fat people rule the world.]
GLAMOUR: So do you think Hollywood is moving away from the tall, skinny blond as the actress ideal?
[Translation: Should we be frightened?]
AF: At the end of the day, studios are learning there is a market out there that doesn’t necessarily want to go with predictable choices.
[Translation: No.]"

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