Sep 24, 2007

The Rules of Being a Celebrity Giving A Diet and Exercise Interview

We all want to know the secret to staying slim or how to get there at least right? Thankfully we have gossip magazines to "give us" the "inside scoop" on how our favorite celebrities keep their figures looking fabulous, right?

As you all know, I am VERY skeptical about what these magazines report. A more reliable source in my opinion is a blog, straight from the table sitting next to them at a restaurant. For today, I'm going to give you the rules of giving an interview when being questioned about your weight so you too can look like a fabulous celebrity.

Rule #1: You never diet unless you are being paid by the company that has created a diet. This rule is a must thanks to Kirstie Alley (Jenny Craig), Tori Spelling (Nutrisystem), and Jessica Simpson (5 Factor Diet). Maybe they did, maybe they didn't follow the diet plan to lose the pounds, but they lost weight and there is money, I mean credit to be given.

Rule #2: You love food! There are not many foods you won't touch. When you go out to eat, you order whatever you are craving, but you have excellent self control and eat until you are satisfied. Sarah Michelle Gellar says, "I'm not much of a junk food eater. I like pretzels but I'd rather steak. I'd rather have a great meal. I'd rather dine.... I'll pretty much eat anything." Gellar dishes on her eating habits and exercise routine in this months Self Magazine. Did you know she was ranks the 3rd-best figure skater in New York as a child? Interesting...

Rule #3: You don't work out to kill lose weight, but to improve your health and stay active. Jessica Alba recently said that she hadn't worked out in months. Ummm yeah, I'm sure that's true... (By the way Alba was recently spotted smoking a cigarette on the set of her new movie... could this be for weight loss reason???) You enjoy doing things you love like playing tennis, going for a hike in the mountains and surfing. Lauren Conrad (The Hills) reportedly goes for hikes in the Hollywood Hills like 2 times a week. How come MTV doesn't show us that footage? I would love to see this fancy pants hiking in the great outdoors... That would be better than listening to her bitch about ex-bff Heidi "The Terrible."

Rule #4: Say it with me, "I'm not meant to be a size zero." No matter what size your body is, that is how god wants you to look. You don't mess with nature. Nicole Ritchie claims that she is naturally a really person. America Ferrera has repeatedly said she loves her curves and she is always going to have them, that's who she is, she's a Latina. Mariah Carey has said the same thing more recently.

I think these are my top rules... I will have more later this week. Do you guys believe the magazines that tell you what celebrities do to stay thin? Do you think my rules are accurate? Please add you own if you have any!

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