Sep 17, 2007

Emmy Fashion Recap: Love it or Hate it

Who watched the Emmy's last night? I will admit, I had no intention of watching them. Here in Boston, we had the sox vs yankees game at 8 pm, and the Patriots vs Chargers at 8:15 pm! Thanks ESPN and NBC! Anyway, I do enjoy reading the gossip blogs, and that is what I did this morning. I don't really care about who won, but I do care about what everyone wore.

Straight up, I love Kristen Bell. I love Ali Larter. I also loved Olivia Wilde's dress. But there is no fun is talking about how much you loved a dress is there? It's not like I can afford to go out an buy one, let alone have anywhere to wear it, right? It's more fun to talk about how unflattering or ugly a thousands of dollars dress looked.

First up is America Ferrera. Usually a favorite of mine at awards shows, but her blue strapless get-up, just didn't do it for me. I thought she looked short and lost alot of her signature curves that could have been better played up. Instead of a feminine hour glass, it was more of a boyish rectangle.

What do you guys think?

Also, it seems that whenever a journalist interviews Ferrera, they ask her the same 2 questions. What is it like to be a latin actress living in Hollywood, and how do you feel being labeled as the poster child for full figured actresses?
Here is a blurb from the article on Netscape Celebrity:

>>Ferrara replied very gracefully when a reporter asked if being bilingual was an added advantage to being an actress. "I was born and raised in the [San Fernando] Valley, so I'm as bilingual as you probably," she said. "I have few words I can say in Spanish, but that's about it. I'm sure there are benefits (to being bilingual) but I don't reap them."

When asked about being a positive role model because she's not the stereotypical anorexic Hollywood starlet, Ferrerra said, "I hope, at some point, the positive role modeling goes beyond just the outer. There's so much concentration on the physical component. I hope it goes deeper to positive action and positive image that people spend their time paying attention to, and what they're focused on.

"There are a lot of young people in this country who have a lot to offer and need to be challenged. There are a lot of distractions and these younger generations aren't being challenged to change the world. They're told its okay to sit on the sidelines and watch, and that's not okay. They have to become empowered to start acting and doing things. I'd like to see more positive role models who are doing stuff." <<

Seriously, leave this girl alone. Ask her what it's like to achieve her childhood dream? Ask her how she climbed to the top? Ask her when Betty is going to get her braces off, because we all know they can't stay on forever. Honestly though, when you see a group of girls out on the weekend, and one happens to be overweight, and the others are not. Do you go up to her and ask her what it's like being heavier than the rest of her friends? Ummm no! So why do reporters put these celebrities on the spot like this?!

I also was disappointed in Jaime Pressly's choice of clothing. She just had a baby is already back in incredible shape but chose to wear a smock thang that totally did nothing to show it off. Here is another part of the article from behind the scenes:

>>The "My Name is Earl" actress, who gave birth to her and fiancée DJ Eric Calvo's baby May 11, said, "I busted my butt to get back in shape from the time my son was 10 days old. I worked out two hours a day, five days a week with my trainer -- resistance and core training, a lot of core training -- and the diet, of course. I went on the seven-day cabbage soup diet twice." However..."When I went in for a meeting with the creator, he said, 'Oh, you've got more time. You're going to be pregnant for the first 10 episodes.'"

But, her rigorous workouts and dieting paid off in her gorgeous red carpet look. she's been wearing pregnancy prosthetics at work, which makes her feel like she's getting hot flashes. "It's a littled like menopause, wearing a fat suit all day."<<

Vanessa Williams looked like a bird. Ellen Pompeo's hair was a disaster. But her hair always looks terrible in my opinion. Funny gal Tina Fey looked ok but cracked me up when she said that she would be celebrating her win by "overeating." I also hated Hayden Panerabread (I read that nickname on and kind of like it, I can't pronounce her real last name so what difference does it make?)

Who did you guys think looked fabulous or hideous? I didn't watch the show, so I probably missed many pretty gowns/disasters.

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