Sep 21, 2007

Do you think Ashanti looks fat?

"Do I look fat?" Singer Ashanti, 26, asked People Magazine's BodyWatch (the new section of the magazine that is a little ridiculous, but is a savior for my Friday blog!) In August the New York Post published an item that said the singer refused to be photographed during a weekend opeing of the Ivy Hotel in San Diego because she had gained so much weight.

Not true says the singer. Ashanti claims that she was relaxing in a blue bikini while on vacation without any make up on. A hotel worker told her there were some photographers that wanted to take her picture. She responded maybe later because she was "chilling" at the time. "I don't know if they got offended, but they turned it into something else. I mean, do I look fat? If I felt fat, why would I be in a bikini?" she said.

Ashanti admits to gaining weight when she is not working. She likes to dine on bbq chicken and Baskin-Robbins ice cream. When it comes time to work again, she claims she gets focused and jump in the gym for a month and she's solid.

She dodges the question on whether or she feels pressure to slim down for video shoots. Instead, she says "Television puts 10 lbs. on you. So weight your options: Look good in person? Or to the billions who see you on TV?"
I say, you should be a politician Ashanti. She dodges the question, but it kinda sorta seems like she answers it. She puts the blame on herself for dieting. Clearly she enjoys food, she already said that. When she has to lose weight, it's for her job, while most people want to lose weight for themselves. Grrrr inner conflict!

She diets by avoiding fried foods and ice cream. She claims to lose and gain weight easily. She also admitted to the ridiculous Master Cleanser diet (You know, the one Beyonce did for Dream Girls... lemon pepper maple syrup diet yucka ewwww). She said she lost 8 lbs and kept it off. I'm sure that will last, not.

I think Ashanti hates dieting, and hates the fact that she can't eat what she wants. She acts like it has nothing to do with Hollywood's pressure, but I think the Hollywood thin factor is killing her inside. What do you guys think? Am I totally way off>

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