Sep 25, 2007

Biggest Loser Live Blog 9/25

Ok so I'm going to watch the biggest loser tonight and blog as it happens... Between the 3 teams they have already lost a ridiculous amount of weight like 350 lbs!

8:10 PM The host tells the losers they have to go into a room filled with temptation, aka, fatty slash totally delicious foods they haven't been able to touch untill now for four minutes. What's the catch? Whoever eats the most calories wins a 3 pound weight loss pass at the next weigh in (they get to subtract 3 pounds from their total loss next time they get weighed.)
THIS IS EVIL! This is so mean, but I guess then again, this is why it's a show on TV.
Hot wings, hot dogs, hamburgers, pepperoni pizza.... yummm.
Bryan is the first to enter and he denies the temptations.
"Oh my god, that smells so good," are the first words of Kae... hahahaha. She smells it, and then pretends to grab it all and eat but she resists.
The next guy takes a bite of pepperoni pizza and does a small job.
oooh french fries...The football guy said no. Oh man, brownies, cookies, cinnamon...

Julie who has only lost 5 lbs went straight for the pepperoni pizza, smelled it, "yumm." Then she saw cupcakes and thought... hmmmm, come on Julie don't do it.... She tastes the frosting, well puts it on her face so the others though she ate it. Sneaaaaky!

WOAH! then this other guy, Neil, goes in, and decides to eat as much he can. He thinks he needs the 3 lbs for his team. Holy cow, he just drank M&M's... he ate 1700 calories he thinks... WHAT!?

Oh god, this is mean... this other chick, Patty, on his team thinks he didn't eat it so she decides to take one for the team and starts eating the highest calories foods she sees... She has apple pie... she does a small dance... eats a cereal bar, make that two. God that was alot of food but not as much as Neil. That was so mean.

And the biggest eater was.... COMMERCIAL :( of course. Ok, TIME OUT! What the heck kind of sabotage was Neil trying to pull??? He burt his team but miscommunicating with the other lady. I would've gone straight for the cinnamon bun, had maybe half, and then left. My reasoning, satisfy my never ending sweet tooth, and in case no one else touched the food. I learned this strategy from BIG BROTHER of course.

Patty and Neil are the top two contestants in this photo. It's from last week, but you can recognize them.

1930 Calories, Patty won! Apparently the blue team is mad because Patty should've known only Neil was to eat anything!

The red team is happy they did not cave into temptation. But the blue team is screaming in the other wing. Uh oh... they are all very very mad at Patty. She begins to cry, and apologizes obviously.

Now it's time to workout. We've got some elipticals going and now they are doing piggy back springts, which looks like a killer on the back. Oh no... Man down. Gerry is riding on top of Ryan (?) and takes a pretty big digger. He is hurt. This is too bad because he has lost the most weight and is the oldest.

So now, it's 9 pm, and I kinda want to watch Reaper... I'll tivo the rest and watch it after.

So the blue team lost at the weigh in. However Patty lost the most (5 lbs) so she has immunity from being voted off. Had she not, she probably would've been voted off. Interesting that she ate almost 2000 calories in 4 minutes and still lost the most weight... Jillian's team won which is pretty awesome since the Red and Blue team chose to send them all home.

It was an emotional vote off. Gerry was sent home after many tears were shed. YES, this was too bad since he had lost the most amount of weight out of everyone however, since he lost so much weight, he had less to loose and was most likely not going to continue dropping ten plus pounds each weighin. He was also the oldest player, and proved that age should not be a deterrent for people who wish to lose weight but think they have lost the window of opportunity with a ever slowing down metabolism. I think it was wise on the behalf of the blue team at the time. We will find out if they made a good choice.
By the way, since being voted off Jerry has lost 80-some pounds! He looks great. And were those his children or grandchildren!? What did you guys think? Who would you have voted off? Who would you want to have as your coach? What would you have done in the temptation room? I don't know which coach I would want, I guess Jillian because her methods seem to be working well, but I think I would punch her the face before the end of the competition and get sent home.

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