Sep 12, 2007

The Biggest Loser 4 Premiere: What did u think?

Last night was the premiere of the fourth season of The Biggest Loser. What did you guys think? Will you watch?

First, I was little disappointed that they told us in the beginning that Jillian would be returning. However, obviously I forgot and thought it was so mean to make the last six go home before the competition even really began. But then of course in rides Jillian on her crotch rocket, and saves the day. Seriously, I still feel bad for the Black Team. I think they may win but, at the price of having a drill sergeant as their trainer/coach.

Allison Sweeney is the new host. You may know her from "Days of our Lives," and is known (apparently) for having a fluctuating weight since age 16. I'm guessing NBC gave Caroline Rhea the old heave-ho after receiving negative feedback from viewers by having a host who is heavier than the contestants by the season finale. Anyone know the real deal? This is just my gossip guess.

The biggest shocker of the episode came from the series oldest contestant to date. Sixty-two year old Jerry lost a total of 31 lbs in one week, a record for one week in the show's history. I find this hard to believe that someone could actually accomplish something of this stature, but I guess they are literally active ALL days and eating much less than they are used to. This means he burned 105,000 calories in one week! If some of it was water weight, that is still amazing. Katrina,'s fitness expert, helped me calculate that this means, that if he created a deficit of 625 calories every hour, for 24 hours a days, 7 days that week. The combination of diet/cardio/strength training and games is what makes the biggest loser a success. It will be interesting to see how much of the weight Jerry lost is kept off at the next weigh in next tuesday, if not how much more will he lose.

Who is your favorite contestant? Who do you think will win? Katrina's favorite contestant is the football player, Phil. She thinks he is going to be hot by the end of the season. Haha, she might kill me for writing this. I don't have a favorite yet. Jillian gives me anxiety just thinking about having to train with her... but my favorite Big Brother 8 contestant looks like she is going to win... GO DANIELLE! Happy Hump Day everyone :)

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