Aug 6, 2007

Victoria Beckham Sends Diet Book To Bestsellers

Ok so, chances are you have no interest in being on whatever diet Victoria Beckham is on, right? The Brittish import has taken LA by storm, and drawing in all the media attention she can get. Obviously she is followed by photographers every minute. Why not share the wealth by being spotted with a book? Yes, Posh Spice was seen recently holding a "diet" book. She's like totally the new Oprah! Since when does this girl need diet advice?
Anyway, Posh was spotted with the book "Skinny Bitch" back in May. I heard about this book back in November 2006. I took a look at it and was intrigued but I never took the next step to actually purchase it or read it. When the photo's hit the web the book jumped from 77,939th place on the Amazon website sales chart to 209th - a whopping increase of 37,000%. Today, it is currently sitting pretty at the number 7 spot on Amazon's top sellers!

This is incredible PR, and one of the smartest moves (if planned) by the author's publicist. However, don't get too excited yet. The book is written by a former model, who has a degree in holistic nutrition and a former modeling agent.

The book boasts a "no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous." Before the rail thin Becks bought the book, it had failed to garner much attention.

So what's this book about you ask? First, it's not for the light hearted with quotes like,"you are a total moron if you think the Atkins Diet will make you thin", and "soda is liquid Satan."
"Based on a vegan philosophy, the Skinny Bitch guide encourages women to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables while urging them to abandon dairy products, eggs, meat and fish. The authors also issue a scathing attack on meat eaters, calling those who choose to eat meat while attempting to lose weight 'morons'."

Here is a snip-it from a UK newpaper .
Exactly what the already excessively thin Posh - who has long battled rumours of anorexia - expects to glean from the Skinny Bitch book has once again lifted the lid on the debate about celebrity weight loss.

Posh, who according to one newspaper has a 23in waist size - the equivalent of a seven year-old girl - has admitted in the past to suffering from an eating disorder. The 33-year-old mother of three - who wears a UK size 4 and US size 0 - said that she first began to lose weight at the height of the Spice Girls phenomenon in the mid-1990s.

"I became obsessed with what I looked like," she revealed in the April edition of Heat magazine. "I would look in the mirror and check the size of my bottom, see if my double chin was getting smaller.

"I began living on vegetables and nothing else, but it never occurred to me I had an eating disorder, because I was the same size I had always been. I thought I was just getting into shape."

A diagnosis of polycystic ovaries caused her to change her eating habits, but the star admitted that by then the 'damage was done', and that it was hard to resume eating normal food.

Despite published reports of her bizarre eating habits - chewing food excessively, declining portions that can't fit into the palm of her hand (the same size as her stomach), only eating fruit until 3pm and then limiting her caloric intake to 500 for the remainder of the day - Posh claims she no longer has an eating disorder.

"I do control my eating. But I think there is a big difference between someone having an eating disorder and someone who is controlled about what they eat," she told Heat. She admits, though, that she is anxious about her looks. "I know I'm not naturally beautiful or a supermodel," she said. "I'm very insecure about the way I look."

What do you guys think? I'm on the brink of becoming a vegetarian (sorta) so I don't really want to read the book because I'm afraid I will and I don't think my guy friends would be very welcoming of my newly adopted eating habits. I already get yelled at for buying whole wheat buns and turkey burgers. Is anyone here a vegan or read the book?

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