Aug 1, 2007

Jamie Pressly Loses Baby Weight, Celebrities Indulging

In just two months after giving birth to her son Dezi, Jamie Pressly has managed to get back her pre-pregnancy body in typical celebrity fashion. Here is a recent photo of the My Name is Earl star celebrating her 30th birthday with fiance Eric Cubiche with an '80s glam rock-themed party in Vegas on Friday at PURE nightclub's Pussycat Dolls Lounge.

Keep an eye on the tabloids in the coming weeks for how she got her body back. My guess is that she will say protein and veggies plus lots of exercise with a personal trainer who kicked her butt. That is what professional baby maker Heidi Klum does, and you can't disagree with her recipe.

Speaking of celebrity diets and workouts, as you all know I think they fabricate what they eat, and underestimate how much they workout. However, I do enjoy seeing pictures of celebrities eat, especially indulging in foods they actually love. I think it's... A) refreshing to see them eat real food and B) it is healthy to satisfy your cravings once in awhile. Here are some recent fun posts of celebrities eating badly.

Here is Jennifer Garner enjoying a fresh strawberry at the Brentwood farmers market. She admits she is a healthy eater and crazy exerciser.

Here is resident crazy, Paula Abdul enjoying some ice cream.

And lastly, here is Hilary Duff pickin up some late night munchies from the candy department. Good to see a skinny girl who recently lost weight, can still let herself indulge.

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