Aug 20, 2007

Ugly Betty slims down, Posh Spice bulks up

I can't believe summer is winding down. I might be the most depressed person on the planet. However, the end of summer does mean new episodes of all my favorite TV shows. I am a self proclaimed TV junkie. It's not like I sit in front of my TV for hours upon end, but I do have an obsession with my DVR, and now I've got Comcast On Demand. It's all going down here. New TV, plus cold weather, minus some major sunlight hours and I've got myself quite in the lazy rut.

One of my favorite shows that debuted last year is Ugly Betty. If you watch the show, there is this lingering question, "When is Betty going to get the Anne Hathaway Makeover like in The Devil Wear Prada?" Basically they can't do it, but as some one who went to college without any sense of fashion, you kinda learn/like/follow how everyone around you dresses. Not that I'm a follower, but I didn't own a single pair of designer jeans going to school, and now I could fill up an entire suitcase and not have enough room. In the real world, I would think Betty would adapt and begin to like the designer duds she can score for free, and she can't have braces forever right?

Anyway, here is a recent picture of America Ferrara still looking curvy but much slimmer. She reportedly loves food and works out to keep healthy and strong, I don't think she will ever look like an Olsen twin but what are they going to do about this on the show? Make her wear baggier clothing?

Interesting enough, rumors are circulating around the show biz that Posh Spice will be making a guest appearance on Ugly Betty this season. However, she will be wearing a FAT suit. Yes, you read that correct. The rumor is that she is expected to show up at a wedding but when she arrives the guests are shocked at the pounds she has gained since moving to America due to a food binge since moving to the United States. o, finally, we Brits (and you Yanks) know who the ‘loathed and false’ Victoria Beckham is playing in hit US comedy, Ugly Betty.

"According to reports, the super-thin size zero Spice Girls is playing a fat version of herself, who since arriving in America, has binged on treats. She will shock viewers as she appears in the on-screen wedding in a fat suit.
The singer, who thinks this is going to “really funny”, is apparently cracking America and is “really major”, according to herself. She’s living a lie!
An insider at the ABC network said: “Everybody at the wedding will be expecting skinny beautiful Posh to show up.
“But they’ll be horrified to see she’s piled on the pounds because of major comfort eating and American junk food.”

I don't see the humor in this at all. If anything, it's poking fun on American society and the Obesity epidemic with a British anorexic* woman. (*Maybe not totally anorexic, but come on, she's pretty honest about not eating... Seriously, she admits she doesn't eat, she just doesn't seem to think it's a problem).

I like Ugly Betty for pushing the envelope in regards to immigration laws, and the exceptionally high standards in the fashion industry, but to say that foreigners who move to America are going to automatically get fat, is a little ridiculous. How is Posh going to be funny anyway? She doesn't even smile, let alone be able to laugh at herself...

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