Aug 24, 2007

Is Jenna Bush Pregnant or did she Gain Weight?

Have you heard the latest Bush gossip? As many of you know, I am an avid Perez Hilton fan. I do not like him because he is a media-whore, but I do like his blog. He reported that Nicole Richie was shopping in Washington D.C. Two of my best friends from college live in Georgetown so I called the two of them, to try and get their butts downtown to see her baby bump.

As I was looking for a DC blog, I stumbled upon Wonkette. It claims to be the place for DC dirt. When I was looking for the whereabouts of preggers Nicole, I saw a story that was claiming Jenna Bush was involved in a shot gun wedding. Wonkette is trying to say that Jenna is actually pregnant, and does not want to marry Henry “Hank” Hager “the Horrible” (this is what Wonkette calls him! haha).

Here is a snip-it of the blog entry:
"Tragically pregnant first twin Jenna Bush is being rushed into a marriage with former boyfriend and Karl Rove lackey Henry Hager..."

Another entry documents the recent pictures taken of the engaged couple, showing lack of smiling and affection. Then another entry dedicated to the most recent pictures of Jenna points out her growing body. Is she gaining weight or is the Presidents daughter actually pregnant? You guys decide... Here are the most recent pictures...
This one is from June 17th, 2007:

This one is the most recent photo taken of Jenna Bush dating back to August 12th, 2007. The one on the left is "supposedly" Jenna, but if she came out saying it wasn't her, I would believe it.

I don't like to criticize public figures, especially those who don't really ask for it, on their weight. Jenna is a totally normal girl, who I identify with in some respects (her college years primarily). If she is indeed pregnant, I feel really bad for her, because she obviously couldn't have an abortion and can't really have a child out of wedlock... This could be some big problems for George Jr. in regards to his family values. I hope she's just gained a few pounds, because she can always lose them, but a child with a man you don't want to be with for the rest of your life is kind of heart breaking.

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Anonymous said...

I think she's just fat. Her body's fat not her belly.