Aug 31, 2007

CBS Big Brother Diet Cruelty

I am officially addicted to CBS' "Big Brother." I have watched the series pretty much since it debuted in 2000 and have become obsessed this summer. If anyone is unfamiliar with the show,Big Brother is a reality show in which a number of strangers live in an isolated studio-like house that is filled with cameras and compete to win a cash prize. Each week a houseguest is voted off. The last one standing, as voted by the last six house guests to be voted off, wins $500K.

I am writing about this on my Celebrities and Diet Blog because I am curious as to how healthy is can be living in the house. What food do the producers buy for the guests? More importantly, there is this thing called Slop. It looks like oatmeal, and almost every week there is a food competition. Guests play by themselves or they play in groups. Who ever loses has to "be on slop" for the week. An entire week of nothing but an Oatmeal-esque substance. How can this be healthy I am wondering? Some people are on slop for like thirty days!

How are they getting their leafy greens and protein? My thought is that the producers do this to create irrationality and irritability among the players on slop to cause more drama. I would think more people would cheat the system and eat whatever they wanted, but truth is, only one person in BB history has ever gone against the slop rule. This caused major tension and that player was then voted off that same week.

I found on the internet what is actually in the slop. The list of specific ingredients is very long and contains long, boring words, but it's based in oatmeal and contains many condiments (balsamic vinegar, parsley, rosemary, hot sauce, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, salsa, relish, soy sauce, steak sauce, white sugar, tea, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, and several others. Sickening. Just plain sick if you ask me.

Here is the nutritional value: 290 calories per serving, 27g protein, 40 grams of carbs, 4g of fat, high in fiber.

The guests don't seem to be gaining weight this season, actually they look slimmer if you ask me. Past seasons used PB and J as food restriction. If anyone remembers June, I think she gained quite a few pounds while living in the house for the summer.

Could you eat this stuff for an entire week, let alone a month?


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