Aug 3, 2007

Celeb Weight Gain Watch

It's statistically proven that those who succeed at losing weight will most likely gain it back. Bummer, I know. This rule of thumb didn't seem to apply to celebrities. Once they become ultra skinny, the make it seem like they need to try even harder to gain weight back. Uhhhhh, sure Nicole Richie, keep telling yourself that...

However, instead of a celebrity skinny anorexia watch, I feel like lately the paparrazzi has been on a "Who gained what where watch." Just recently, I featured a picture of Janet Jackson who seemed to gain most of the weight she had lost back. I say give the girl a break, who cares. Obviously she was on a diet, and never adopted a healthy lifestyle, as we here at try to infiltrate.

Laguna Beach alum Kristin Cavalleri seen here on the beach this past week in a bikini shows off her little beer belly. I genuinely like Kristin for this picture. She isn't trying to be too strict with herself. She clearly eats and liked to go out, and is enjoying her 15 minutes, why waste it as a miserable person who lives at a gym and counts every carrot. She has a good body but she has gained a few in the belly since the last time we saw her in a bathing suit. Maybe she just got caught without her signature move, sucking it in!

Another celebrity known for her weight ups and downs is Beyonce. This recent photo looks like B. is embracing her curves once again. The famous detox/liquid juice faster praised the results of her Dream Girls diet, but admitted it was not something she could maintain. Ya think? This picture should be side by side with every endorsement for that ridiculous diet. "Lose Weight for a Month, gain back double in a year."

Here's another favorite of mine, Scarlett Johansson. This picture also looks like she has gained a few.

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