Jul 25, 2007

Who's to blame? Rehab or Lohan?

So yesterday morning I couldn't peel myself away from my computer... How could Lindsey Lohan create such a crazy drama, packed with suspense on her own? If you own a TV, read the paper, or browse the internet, you must have heard by now about Looooooohan's 2nd DUI arrest in under 3 months. Talk about STUPIDITY at it's finest.

But seriously, everyone blames Lindsey because it's easy. However, I'm going to blame the ridiculous spa-resort Rehab centers. Either famous addicts go to rehab to "rehab" their image knowing very well they will not change their habits once they are free OR they truely want help and the rehab center fails to give it to them.

What do yo think? Are luxury rehab facilities significantly less effective or are the rich and famous reluctant to change?

I know this has little to do with diet, but it's a serious issue. Britney went to rehab and look at her right now. Great job Promises. Lindsey prolonged her stay in rehab and still could not resist the booze and drugs shortly after being released. Of course she is denying that the drugs were hers, but seriously Linds... no one believes you! There have been rumors about you doing blow for about 2 years now. Some one found your wallet with your license, black credit card, a rolled up dollar bill (maybe a $20, I forget) and a bag of cocaine. It was all over the internet, and before the days of your public outcries for help so, it was kept very under the radar.

I really think she wants help, but rehab in Malibu is not working, so celebrities... STOP GOING THERE if you're serious about getting clean.

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