Jul 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Lindsay, Paris Lies, Kate Loses

Happy Birthday 21st Lindsay Lohan! Not many people would've predicted the star of The Parent Trap would have already been in rehab twice before her she even became legal to have her first drink.

Amid reports that she will continue her time in rehab, she has been spotted working out in Malibu. Who would've thought that paparrazzi would actually follow celebrities getting their exercise in? In fact, we have seen a lot of pictures lately of the rich and famous leaving the gym, or even just working out in the public. At least Lohan is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, right?

In Paris Hilton news, the newly "reformed" heiress has been spotted vacationing in Hawaii. My brother is actually there right now on his very own honeymoon. I'm crossing my fingers that he spots Hilton, but he probably would rather he didn't. In most of the interviews they've asked her about what she ate and if she lost weight. On Larry King she said she didn't really lose any weight. Two or three pounds is what I think she said. In her exclusive interview with People magazine, she said the same thing except she said she lost 5 or 6 pounds, which should be noticeable since she wasn't big to begin with. Any way Paris, get your numbers right. You either didn't lose weight or you lost 5 pounds.

Pictures from her vacation in a bikini however, look like she may have gained weight. What do you guys think? Here is a picture from earlier in the year. She looks more toned. I would never post two pictures of a thin celebrity asking if you think she lost weight, BUT Paris is a liar. She lies about her weight all the time. She reportedly gains weight for more media attention and then will lose it for the attention again. I just don't get why she would lie about this sort of stuff like losing weight when she didn't. You didn't lose 5-6 pounds to one reporter and then tell another 2 or 3. It's just annoying.

Lastly, there are a bunch of pictures of Prince William's ex girlfriend, Kate Middleton from Sunday's concert for Princess Diana. She looks to me like she lost weight just like Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz after their very much public breakups with Ryan Phillippe and Justin Timberlake, respectively. I wish I was like these girls. Whenever something bad happens in my boy life, I reach for chocolate. How does one take the pain of being upset into losing weight? Seriously, some one tell me.

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