Jul 9, 2007

Happy Monday everybody!  I had a wonderful mini-vacation by taking off Thursday and Friday, but now it's back to the daily grind.  Last week I posted a blog about how to celebrate the fourth of July in a healthy manner.  I also said, be prepared to see paparazzi pictures of every celebrity frolicking in a skimpy bikini.  

One celebrity spotted but covered up was none other than Ms Janet Jackson.  She was photographed clearly wearing a bikini with sweatpants on and an orange tank top looking like she had gained back a lot of the weight she had lost.  The last time she gained weight she said it was for a major role in a movie however, according to IMDB.com she does not have anything in the works to appear in such a film.  It looks more like she lost the weight for a role, and has now put it back on.  

It appears some celebrities are just like the rest of the population.  It's proven that most people who lose weight put it back on.  Ilana, the Diet.com Weight Loss Challenger, hit a plateau during the filming of her videos.  She was really discouraged.  But the truth of the matter is that Ilana lost 60 pounds before she even began filming and kept it off during the 9 weeks.  It was a triumph the had to be pointed out to her, but let that be motivation for everyone out there who maybe hasn't reached their goal weight yet, but the fact that you've lost 10 or 5 pounds and kept it off is a major accomplishment!

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