Jul 18, 2007

Paris Hilton Loves Taco Bell

Click here to find out which slim celebrity told photographers she "loves Taco Bell" while having her picture snapped as she chowwed down on tacos and cinnamon twists?

Why it was Paris Hilton of course. The newly freed jailbird was caughting pigging out at Taco Bell in Burbank, CA. Apparently on June 25th while still behind bars, Hilton's parents told TMZ.com that their daughter was craving the "south of the border" restaurant chain. See the pic here.

Paris was also spotted on Tuesday in a hideous leopard bathing suit with CInderella (her new dog) and a pink surfboard. The pictures are not the most flattering or maybe Ms. Hilton should lay off the fast food.

Now for my comments...
It's good to see a celebrity actually eating the food they say they want. Bravo Paris. So often I read how celebs say they love cookies and brownies yet it looks like they haven't had a gram of sugar in over a decade.
I also enjoy Taco Bell, but can't remember the last time I ate it, so maybe I'm a little jealous of P.
It's good to see that she is exercising. Cameron Diaz is an avid surfer and looks great. Paris is thin, but she has no muscle definition. Could this be a new Paris, oh wait I already forgot she was eating Taco Bell in the morning. Anyway, here are some of her beach pics, what do you think?

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