Jul 13, 2007

Celebrity Beach Body Secrets Revealed

Hilary Duff is in good company when she told Us Weekly, "You're damned if you do and you're damned it you don't." What was talking about? After dropping her weight down to 100 pounds in 2005, tabloids criticized the teen queen for being too skinny. "Everybody speculates that you're not eating or are doing drugs," she said. However, Duff reveals that she would workout everyday, ate only protein and veggies, and would "beat [herself] up if she had some fat." Thank you for hitting the nail on the head Lizzie Maguire.

Here is Hilary's diet and exercise regimen which may or may not be true.
Breakfast: Kashi Cereal with 2% milk (Gasp! 2 percent!) or an egg white omelet with Feta cheese and a latte made with 2% milk.
Lunch: Grilled-chicken caesar salad w/ 1 tbsp of reducted fat dressing (or girlled ahi tuna salad with balsamic vinegar.)
Dinner: Tuna steak, grilled vegetables and cousous (or sushi).
Snack: Handfull of mixed nuts or an apple and brie. Sometimes-Chips and Salsa.
The total comes to 1,278 calories.
Her workout:
Pilates on a reformer for an hour 4x a week, including 32 reps each of 20 different leg and butt exercises and 5 different ab exercises.
When she's touring she reportedly swims (how do you swim on tour? Aren't you in a bus? Hotels for a couple hours? whatever). She alternates between the crawl, breakstroke, butterfuly and sidestroke daily for seven laps each.
Do you think this is accurate? I don't really.

Us Weekly has 18 pages in this weeks issue dedicated to beach makeovers as I told you on Wednesday. So who do they include? Tyra Banks (obviously), Ricki Lake (4 mile hikes 4x a week and freshdining.com meal delivery), Alyson Hannigan (Pilates 3x a week and a vertigo pogo stick), Kate Bosworth (Walks, Jogs, Swims and thank god she gained weight), a bunch of new mommies like Jennifer Garner (Circuit trains, runs or bikes 6x a week), Brooke Burke (She started working out a week after giving birth with Pilates 3x a week, plus a low carb diet), Angie Harmon (Tau Bo, Balance training), and Denise Richards (Pilates).
There is Bikini Icon spread with none other than Ms Baywatch herself, Pamela Anderson. The "How I feel in a swimsuit" article show celebs in their bikinis and ... you guessed it, how they feel in their swimsuit. There are quotes from Emmy Rossum, Beth Ostrosky (Howard Sterns Fiance), Lisa Rinna, Kristin Cavallari (Laguna Beach).
Rossum says: "I'm a girl. Of course I feel apprehension." Ostosky: "'Does my butt look fat' comes out of my mouth every day." She also admits that when people tell her how lucky she is to look that good in a bikini she say, "It's hard work," which proves she's luck the rest of us and was not gifted like Gisele.
Rinna: "In my thirties I just didn't feel comfortable in a suit"
Cavallari: "I always suck in my stomack when a camera is on me!" Note-She IS sucking in her stomach in the picture.

I'm glad Us featured women who work hard for their bodies, and admit their time at the gym is grueling. We don't all have the time to dedicate to working out like celebrities do, but hard work pays off. It's their job to look good. It's my job to find out how they did it. Whatever the case, thank god they weren't showing Lindsay Lohan, Paris or Nicole Richie! Who do you think they left out? (remember it needed to be a makeover)

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