May 12, 2008

Your Economic Stimulus Heath Check

Your “economic-stimulus” check has either arrived or it’s en route. Have you decided what you’re going to do with your “Bush Money?” Today I am going to explore your best options for spending the extra cash on something that the president would most likely approve of.

With gas prices at an all-time high, public transportation is becoming more widely used. Using your Bush Money at the pump is only going to pump money into foreign bank accounts. Taking public transportation will most likely a) save you money, b) give money back to the state you live in, and c) boost your daily exercise.

Another option, purchase a new or used bike for weekend errands, rides to the gym or even commuting. It’s a good investment for you, and also will help boost your local economy if bought from a local store!

If you’re already in debt, you probably want to use your Bush Money to pay it off. An alternate option that will save and spend money is to halt your monthly gym membership and purchase a few pieces of home gym equipment. The video we made to accompany this blog shows me with a fit strap that cost less than $20. Imagine, a full body workout that can be done anywhere -- home, work, even while traveling – for less than $20! Heck, you can run or walk outside for free, then come inside to do your weight training using your body weight, or resistance with something like the fit strap.

Lastly, prices for your staple foods are rising. But don’t spend your Bush Money on overpriced junk food. Instead, shop at local farmers’ markets if possible. This has multiple benefits: You’re eating healthier, saving money, helping local farmers, and reducing the usage of gas to ship the “imported” products to where you live.

How do you plan on spending your Bush Money? Visit today to start your very own personalized and affordable weight loss program. See you next time.

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