Apr 25, 2008

Work out Like Tennis Pro Maria Sharapova!

How do you keep from getting bored with exercising? Most of us know that you need to switch up your routine. After all, if you can't stick to one diet for the rest of your life, what makes you think you'll be able to stick to the same workout? Vary it up a little bit. I think female athletes are much more attractive than Hollywood waif like creatures. Why would I prefer noshing on lettuce than kicking it like tennis hottie Maria Sharapova?

Growing up, I took tennis and swimming lessons during the summer. Two skills that I still use every summer! I love playing tennis because not only do I get to show off my silly switch-foot jump backhand but I also get to workout while having fun. My friends and I all took lessons together back in the day, so it's fun to have a little bit of competition among our gang.

Besides golf, tennis is quite the social butterfly among sports. It brings people together to socialize, and break a sweat. Also, not only did the sport bring us Venus and Serena Williams, but also the blonde babes Ana Kournikova and Maria Sharapova. These ladies are known to be sex symbols worldwide. Instead of reading about Mariah Carey's weight loss and exercise program, wouldn't you rather know how these professional athletes keep up on their game? Practicing for hours each day (afterall it is their job), Sharapova reportedly eats 3 BIG meals a day, and never denies herself of sweets. The girl is 6'2! Want to hear more about Maria's diet and exercise plan? Click here.

Other celebrities love to play tennis as a means to stay active. Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Williams are both known to be avid fans of the game. Sometimes, my friend Elizabeth and I will play a set and then go running. Occasionally we'll do some abs on the beach (We are lucky and play in the cape). This way, we mix in some fun while feeling like we each have our own trainer.

If you have never played tennis, it's not too late. Why not hire a cute tennis pro to give you lessons! If your game is on the so-so side, try this workout Katrina put me through the other day. I thought we were gonna play each other, but she had some other ideas. The end is particularly amusing because Katrina tries to act like she's all better than me or something, but guess who comes out on top?