Apr 17, 2008

Britney Spears' Workout at Bally's

Wow, it's been quite some time since I have last written about a REAL celebrity and their recent weight loss. I'm going to go back to my roots today and give you all an update (sorta) on everyone's favorite train wreck "Britney Spears." Why does everyone call her that?

She was spotted yesterday walking into Bally's Fitness Center in Culver City, CA. Mobbed by photogs, Spears and a pal walked without acknowledging the flashing bulbs. Closely followed Brit's body guard. Spears worked out while her pal by walking on the treadmill and riding a stationary bike. She probably did some other stuff however, I am surprised she didn't leave in an ambulance seeing as the paparazzi would not leave the girl alone during her workout. While Brit was walking on the treadmill, the photos never ceased to be taken! I can't imagine how hard it must have been to NOT fall off the treadmill.

A few weeks back, OK! Magazine reported that Britney had lost 15 lbs and included a cover shot from a 2003 photo shoot for Glamour magazine. Yeah right! Like anyone believes Britney looks like that again. She reportedly has cut back on her fatty Starbucks frappuccinos and junk food. She prefers dancing when it comes to cardio according to OK! because it is more slenderizing.

This snap shot was taken of Brit in her Hooters socks and sneaks at home, perhaps after a workout. Her shirt appears to be see through, maybe drenched in sweat? No?
Regardless, now we know why she was just walking on treadmill and her skin still looks bad.

Most interesting is that a few weeks back, it was reported that Britney's people were in talks with Bally's about a possible endorsement deal. The sponsorship would be in partnership with her comeback campaign. All sides are denying these allegations, but it is interesting that it's now mid April and she is still showing up to work out at Bally's almost daily! That's it for now, I'll leave the Spears drama to the tabloids.


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