Apr 28, 2008

Kate Hudson Gossip Outta Boston

Saturday night, I went out with a group of my girlfriends for a birthday dinner gathering. Little did I know, the Mexican restaurant I presumed was going to give me stomach ache, would give me my coolest celebrity sighting yet. There are events I've attended where I've expected to see celebrities, like the Sundance Film Festival. However living in Boston, you just don't expect to see one in the flesh, neither are you really looking. That was why seeing Kate Hudson this Saturday at La Verdad in Fenway was so cool!

She was accompanied by another woman, who I totally know, and a guy who looked a lot like Mr. T. She sat down at a table within an arms reach of ours. I'm sure she was thrilled to be sitting next to the only table that looked like US Weekly worshiping 20 somethings. Her back was to us, while she was facing the wall. She was dressed very casual, wearing a skinny scarf thing around her neck (it kinda looked like a tie) and an over-sized textured white shirt. She accessories with a variety of necklaces and a large enamel ring on her pointer finger. Looking oh so clean, her hair was wet and tousled back loosely in a messy bun. I thought it was greasy, but my friend Stacy gasped, "She smelled so good," as soon as she left (Sorry Stace), therefore I'm concluding it was recently washed and still damp. She didn't look like she was wearing any makeup, but was still absolutely beautiful. Little Rider still had long blonde hair, and was wearing a navy blazer with large gold button/cuff links (I'm a female and have no idea what these are called).

The Diet.com in me tried hard to pay attention to what she was eating. Kate is so petite and I always read about her in the papers eating like man, and I mean that in a good way. The girl likes to eat, and that's a good thing! I'm not sure what she got for an entree but she did indulge in a margarita and some guacamole and chips. She also was sent a complementary dessert of churros. We ordered the same dessert so I took a picture to show you all what she had, however my friends were too quick and I was only able to snag a pic of the last bite. After Kate and Co. got up, we realized they didn't eat their dessert really, but we loved ours!

In regards to my first Boston celeb sighting, Kate seemed so down to earth. She even got up to ask the bartender a question herself. No nanny in tote, and she just looked like the best mom ever! Her and her son (who looks like a girl) were so cute together! He was very well behaved as well. Kate can stay in Boston all she wants. We didn't ask for a pic but here is the back of her head. I pretended to take a picture of my friends.

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