Apr 10, 2008

Celebrity Bikini Body Secrets That Work!

Who holds the secret to weight loss success? Is it Nicole Richie or Kirstie Alley? Does Oprah know the secret or her trainer? Or your grandmother who bakes the best cookies and have never been on a diet in her life? Everyone wants to know the secret for weight loss, but in actuality it's not a secret at all.

A secret is something you don't reveal to a stranger. It's information that is kept hidden from others and may be revealed to people that you trust. For this exact reason I question why Giuliana Rancic asks celebrities on the red carpet for their secret to staying in shape. It's a secret Giulinana, and if it was, they would not tell you the media? Why don't you just ask what they eat or how far they jogged that morning?

'Tis the season to publish celebrity weight loss secrets. Get ready! By next month, every issue will be dishing the dirt on how various tabloids Kings and Queens stay fit. People Magazine a few weeks ago had "Hollywood's Hottest Bodies: 100 Tips From The Stars." What were my favorite tricks revealed in the article?

Rihanna goes on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes for some interval type cardio and if she's going on vacation, she'll do Pilates for 2 weeks straight. She also admits she's an all or nothing type gal. AKA eat whatever, then realize you're being gaining some pounds and go back to eating healthy for little while.

Claire Danes' trainer says 3 days a week of cardio "is healthy. You shouldn't overdo it." I love anything that means I can lay off the treadmill without feeling guilty.

The wackiest tricks in my opinion were limited but present. Susie Castillo doesn't mix meat and starches because "it's too hard for the body to digest." She also had a glass of juice made from romaine lettuce every morning. She is from Massachusetts but her eating habits seem whack to me!? I had a crazy roommate in college that used to do weird stuff like this. She didn't have the "secret." I know this because these crazy methods never lead to weight loss, but rather uncontrollable drunk munchies.

Mariah Carey has her trainer move in with her so she can't cheat. Sooooo, if you want to steal her dieting trick I suggest finding a really annoying roommate who happens to be a health freak. I'm available if anyone wants to pay my room/board/salary? Any takers?

Fergie takes organic Vinegar shots. Two tablespoons after lunch and dinner. "It helps take toxins out of your body," she claims. I love how everything is quoted in the article like the stars make these ridiculous health claims but People wants no business in getting in trouble so they make sure the attributions go to the celebs.

However for the babes with the killer bodies, People went straight to their trainers. Jessica Biel's trainer Valerie Waters says "She's game for anything, like 10 reps of standing on one foot doing a single leg squat." When not with Waters, Biel jogs and does yoga. Valerie also trains some of the most desired bodies in Hollywood like Jennifer Garner.

I actually have her book "Red Carpet Ready" which is really good to use as a guide for how to get a good burn at the gym in minimal time. It's basically a 6 week program to get "Red Carpet Ready," but for us plain folk, we can use it to get in shape for a vacation, a birthday party or wedding. Just start 6 weeks before the big date! The book has sections on getting started, the science of nutrition, what to eat and why, and a workout plan with cardio and strength training. The workouts change every day and they are done as circuits to maximize the amount of fat and calories burned during the course of your workout.

Valerie reccomends to all her clients that they take CUUR, which is a weight loss supplement that she believes in. It's a also called the Swedish Secret because it just came to the US market from Sweden. And obviously everyone in Sweden in thin, blonde and beautiful right? Haha, they wish! But, as someone who has taken the pill, it doesn't have the same side effect as other weight loss pills you see in the back of magazines. Right now, you can actually get CUUR and Valerie Waters' book for free! You just have to pay shipping and handling. So if you are a gym rat like me, and get bored very easily, this book is informative in educating you about nutrition but not overly long and boring like South Beach or any of those long books, and also really helpful because it shows you how to do like 100 moves. It's like a diet/exercise plan book for people who don't like to read (i.e. The Diet Diva). If you go to http://getcuur.com you can get your free 30 day trial of CUUR and a free copy of Valerie's book. That's all for me. I've gotta a vacation in Miami to prep for! Diva out.


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